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About the Heart Leadership Institute “Tapuat”


Tapuat’s Heart Leadership Institute embraces a transformative approach to leadership. It promotes a harmonious workplace through seven core principles: presence, inner peace, dharma, inner joy, non-attachment, selflessness, and unity. These principles are aimed at driving organizational success by fostering personal growth and self-awareness. At its core, Tapuat’s mission is to reshape leadership with heart.


The Heart Leadership Institute comprises the Heart Leadership School, offering certification programs for Guides, organizations, and individuals aspiring to embody and disseminate heart-based leadership principles. This educational arm equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to create environments rich in empathy, authenticity, and collaboration, profoundly influencing both their personal and professional spheres. The school’s comprehensive curriculum is designed to develop a new generation of leaders capable of driving positive change and well-being across diverse settings.

Tapuat originates in the Hopi wisdom. In the Hopi language, Tapuat originally symbolizes “life cycles”, that eternal rebirth or reinvention that life offers us, which begins with the umbilical cord along with the path of moving towards oneself, our essence or spirit. Represented as a maze lined in 7, the labyrinth refers to 7 centers of energy (chakra), 7 musical notes, and 7 colors of the rainbow, it looks very much like a fingerprint as well, the symbol of our uniqueness.

Our Team


Arnaud Saint-Paul

Arnaud Saint-Paul

CEO / Founder, Creator of the Heartful Method™

My life purpose is to help 1B people unlock their heart’s intelligence.

Living between Los Angeles and Paris, philanthropist and award-winning serial software, finance, and social impact entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I started my quest at 13 to live through my heart. Throughout my career, I have directly helped hundreds of individuals and inspired more than 50 million people internationally to connect to their heart.

Slava Oganezov

Slava Oganezov

Heartful Guide (level 1)

Slava embodies heart leadership throughout his entrepreneur journey. As CEO of a leading FinTech startup in London, he taps daily in his heart’s intelligence to drive his teams towards more success and impact. Slava shares his experience of daily practice following the heart leadership principles with his fellow entrepreneurs to empower them on their journey.
Reina Hallab

Reina Hallab

Heartful Guide (level 1)

Reina embodies inspiration as an intuitive healer, speaker, and writer, leading with empathy towards success and inner-alignment. Pioneering transformative practices, she advocates for holistic wellness rooted in self-love. Through global events, Reina champions nurturing the mind, body and spirit, sparking transformative inner growth journeys.

Our Impact


We are committed to widen our impact through the Heart Economy Movement, a nonprofit initiative that promotes heart leadership in the business world through its chapters globally. This movement seeks to transform the business landscape by emphasizing values such as compassion, sustainability, and community well-being, marking a shift towards more mindful and heart-aligned economic practices.
Uniting heart leaders across the globe, its mission is clear: “We are a caring conscious movement of global leaders catalyzing a heart-connected world. We empower people, communities and economies to experience and to apply heart-led principles sustainably.
Join the Heart Economy Movement

Heart Leadership Foundations

Your journey towards Heart Leadership is anchored on the Seven Pillars of Heart Leadership, a forward looking approach shaping today’s leadership landscape. These principles are the foundation for creating harmonious and effective work environments. Embrace these pillars to foster personal growth, self-awareness, and a profound impact in your professional journey.


Being in a state where one is fully present, observant, and non-judgmental of their thoughts, feelings, and actions in each moment.

Inner Peace

Maintaining a state of tranquility and harmony within oneself, regardless of external circumstances.

Dharma "Living Purpose"

Living in alignment with one’s unique purpose, moral duty, or path in life, fostering a sense of fulfillment and direction.

Inner Joy

Being in a state where joy is found not in the absence of suffering, but in compassionate engagement with the world’s challenges.


Recognizing and living with the awareness of the inherent unity of all beings and the universe, fostering humility, empathy, and a compassionate worldview.


Cultivating a state of egolessness where we let go of any identification to past stories and the needs and well-being of others are prioritized, recognizing the shared humanity in everyone.


Achieving a state where one embraces the impermanent nature of life, refraining from clinging to people, outcomes, or possessions, allowing for better flow with life’s natural rhythms.