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Heartful Method: Our Matrix

Arnaud Saint-Paul 0:00 Go to this. Amazing. So here for our next session, we're going to dive into the first aspect of ourselves, which is, Carl Jung said, the first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward, and in letting go...

Heartful Method: Being of Light

Arnaud Saint-Paul 0:02 So, the next session is being of light, or energy, being of energy, same thing. The. So I don't know if you know what fractals are. It's a, a mathematical figure that formula that repeats itself. So if I zoom in this area, it will continue being...

Heartful Method: From Divine to Human

Part 1 0:03 Alright, so this is the heartful method. And it is all about being in a place where, you know, we start our lives or our businesses, from a very cacophonic standpoint, meaning that we have a lot of different instruments playing, without any coordination...

How Do You Control Ego? #HeartfulQA #heartful

How Do You Control Ego? #HeartfulQA #heartful

  Transcript   00:00:08:09 - 00:00:25:11 Christopher King How do I control ego? And I let ego now take me in a different direction and make me feel like I'm superior or better or more privileged...

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