What do you do to be Present? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Christopher King
If I really want to be present I know what I believe. Being present means by just kind of one to get your thoughts on what it means to be fully present from that spiritual alignment context.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
So when you ask the question, what do you do to be present? It’s it sounds like an oxymoron that you do, but therefore you’re not present. So I totally understand where it’s coming from anyway. And so how to be present might be slightly better formulation. OK, because presence starts from the beingness, right? And so to be present is to be aware of what is happening now in this very moment.

00:01:00:10 – 00:01:38:05
Arnaud Saint Paul
So instead of, you know, sometimes we tend to be in the past or in the future or thinking about what I should be doing or what I’ve been doing or etcetera. And the list is infinite. And we are in that case, not now. So the key is really to be fully present is if we look at space and time in space, it’s to be in this body in time it is to be now, which is the only thing that exists anyway.

00:01:38:20 – 00:02:04:11
Arnaud Saint Paul
So that summarizes our presence to one dot, which is this vehicle. Right. And that enables you to access the light that you have within that only wants to shine, but it’s not allowed to because you’re here. They’re there they’re they’re they’re they’re they’re they’re not present.

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