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Through this manifesto, Arnaud invites us to explore the depth of what it is to be I in this life and open one’s heart to new possibilities such as finding harmony within.

Not only does he suggest a new framework of understanding but also a guideline to live our day-to-day through our heart. 

Also available in French and Audiobook (US, UK).
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Our life can be amazing, sad, and filled with wonders—or stress. In our modern society we could characterize it as a bit tumultuous much of the time. Most of us continue endlessly pursuing the trepidatious rhythm of life’s hamster wheel, fearing to forego another experience, event, or item that for certain will fulfill our craving, even if we don’t know any longer what needs to be satisfied.

Can our life be summarized by this constant ebb and flow of drama and joyful moments? Should we choose for it to be just that or bring some meaning to that flow? When we look back, can we find some hidden coherence in the series of events that make our past?

What would be the purpose of this life if not to figure out who we are, to experience and assess so many aspects of ourselves so that we can learn, step-by-step, moment after moment, who we want to become and adjust accordingly?

What if life, with its wonders and imperfections, is a way for us to decipher our innermost codes? Each of us does it in a unique way, whether getting enthralled in business stories or pressured by social conventions or passionate about raising kids, music or art in general, climate change—the palette of colors we can each draw from is infinite so that we can paint the perfect outcome we can imagine.


Though like a pinball, most of the time we spend our lives ricocheting from one emotion to another, one thought to the next, getting dispersed as time goes by. We go through the hoops of life as if on automatic pilot while feeling out of tune with ourselves.

Attracted by all the activities, we gradually lose sight of our own presence that we were born with. Even if unconsciously aware, we develop a sense of permanent dissatisfaction, one that leaves an inexplicable feeling of emptiness tainting every day’s experience with its somber tones.

That emptiness we may choose to accept as part of our experience is the space where we can—at last—envision what another version of ourselves would look. It’s where disorder becomes coherence and where this unruly day-to-day finds its articulate expression.

In other words, if each event, emotion, and thought would be a series of notes that constitute the music of our life, what would it be like to experience cacophony (apparent disorder) versus harmony (coherence)?


Each of us goes through life looking for more clarity, more definition, more love. Some constantly seek the Holy Grail that will save them; others just go through life’s hoops unconsciously. In any case we all are looking for increased harmony whether we can find it within ourselves or outside.


Today’s society offers us multiple ways to fulfill such needs, starting with the ephemeral completion of our desires. In its essence, deep down, what we construe as a moment of happiness is our inner symphony seeking further coherence or harmony so that it plays out a higher version of itself.

Harmony, though, can be understood as a vain word that does not apply to our frantic day-to-day, where one needs to go to work, drive a car, fetch the kids, attend an event, answer calls, and send emails, let alone spend more time with a loved one.

Harmony, whether inside me or with the rest of the world, does not cut it, you might say.

And you would be right—if we limit ourselves within the tiny scope of our human perception via our five senses and experience. But it could not be further from the truth when we go beyond that scope.


What sciences of old such as yoga, the science of union, and modern ones, such as quantum physics, teach us about the world we live in, is that there is much more than what meets the eye. According to these sciences, what happens beyond our five senses and our limited perception of time and space has a huge impact on our daily life and how our perceived reality unfolds.

If you add to that the unconscious mechanisms at play, whether they are physical (your different organs providing you with a healthy living), emotional (stuck emotions from a distant past), mental (thought patterns on autopilot), you have an amazing unconscious cocktail of hidden perceptions. Our conscious perception of our daily life is beheld by our subconscious and surrounded by our reality. Both seem, from our standpoint, to be immeasurably bigger. In other words, our conscious life is a bit like the crust of the Earth when compared with its size: a super thin layer of natural miracle surrounded by unfathomable depths on both sides.

The texts you are going to discover throughout these pages—the fruit of forty years of personal inquiry—have been instrumental on my journey to understand some simple truths. They have helped me explore and expand my conscious “crust” so to speak. When applied, these truths have consistently helped me become a better person in all areas of what has turned out to be, on all accounts, a thriving life. They have led to a state of harmony that was unveiled to me as I wrote these words while life was impacting me, in unison, like polishing a rough diamond, layer after layer.


However, each of these lines uses one core, foundational assumption, so they become active and bring you the benefits they have brought so far to my life and so many readers’ lives. This new foundation is here to help you reframe your understanding of your world and how you may choose to relate to it differently while reading these lines.

In other words, it is crucial that you understand how important this axiom is to impact your life should you choose to invite more coherence (harmony) as your core daily experience from now on.

This principle has the power to rock your world from top to bottom—in a very good way, of course.


So, without further ado, here it is:

With no exception, the world around you and all its manifestations—people, situations, events, moments, emotions, and thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious—all that is made of…


…to be continued in the book…

I, Overview

Every day, every moment, we have the freedom to choose how we want to live. At the very least, we select the lens through which we are going to experience the series of events that will unfold from the present moment.

A treasure lies amid that choice.

The prize that is in the reach of everyone, at any moment, is the one of harmony: getting into perfect coherence and alignment with our surroundings (our reality) and therefore be in perfect sync with the Flow of Life.

I, the book, is a perfect tool to ease your alignment with yourself thanks its 66 poems to guide you on your path toward more harmony and your Heart, and the related notes to offer peace to your mind.



Bravo for your magnificent poems/songs. Beautiful perfumes that have risen from your loving and lucid soul. It talks to me!

Your book is Light!!!! Your words are alive, like a caress.

Each and every poem in this book have inspired, guided and been a great reminder how we can be more joyful, grateful and embrace our authentic self in our everyday life. It shows how we can trust and surrender and find who we truly are, connect with our purpose and live a life well lived.

Joie Chaparosa, Author

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