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Harmony, coherence, joy, are the qualities of experience you rightfully owe to yourself.

Day in, day out, using the tools below, you can have a vibrant life filled with peace, happiness, love, and more.




I, the book


Through this manifesto, Arnaud invites us to explore the depth of what it is to be I in this life and open one’s heart to new possibilities such as finding harmony within.

Not only does he suggest a new framework of understanding but also a guideline to live our day-to-day through our heart.

I, the book - New Alchemy - New
I, the book - New Alchemy - New

The Human Project


The adventures of a spiritual being becoming human through the different levels of creation.

You thought being an angel is easy! Think again!

In this unique story, you shall discover a new perspective of the world as we live it and fall in love, again, with your own self.

Also available in Spanish.

Your words are powerful, the kind of stuff that comes from deep inside. Heartfelt thanks and I sincerely mean that.

~ Ed W.

I am really impressed by your simple yet thought provoking quotes. Thank you.

~Milan P.

We have to thank you because you are healing our minds through your words.

~Hussainy S.

Your work has inspired me to try harder to live. I had given up on myself. I have hope. Thanks

~Phillip H.

Each day I purposely pause to review one of the positive, enlightening, and empowering messages. As I do, I allow myself time for a few slow, deep breaths; inhaling wisdom and exhaling gremlin-infused negative thoughts. The perspective offered nourishes my soul as I continue on my journey of soul-deep transformation.

~Alison S.

A few years back I stumbled over one of your quotes that caused me to reflect all my years living an unconditional life of love, bringing up a family of 6 with 7 grandchildren. Married for 39 years. In and out of board meetings, mentoring, teaching advocating and devoting myself to the education field for 30 years with, I may say, no regrets! Somehow, though, always forgetting ‘myself’. I can now through your wonderful words of wisdom begin to evolve into a more wholesome happier person. And it is just the beginning for me. You are truly unique and very precious.

~Robert P.

Heartful Q&A

Find Harmony Within with these Q&A

How Do You Control Ego? #HeartfulQA #heartful

How Do You Control Ego? #HeartfulQA #heartful

  Transcript   00:00:08:09 - 00:00:25:11 Christopher King How do I control ego? And I let ego now take me in a different direction and make me feel like I'm superior or better or more privileged...

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