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Table of Content

When following the links below, you will embark on another type of journey, filling your mind with new concepts so that you can harness the power of your heart in your daily life.

Each poem’s notes come with two sections: in the first one I share more about my own experience and what lead me to write this specific poems; in the 2nd one, we dive deeper into the significance of each verse and how it can apply to your daily life. 

Fruit of 40 years of personal enquiry, travels around the world, and countless hours working with individuals and groups, each poem and verses open the door to a new understanding and a new relationship to yourself: one that is filled with peace, joy and harmony; one where coherence and alignement become the master words of every moment.

May the notes shared below bring you the solace your are seeking and help you find the inner harmony you deserve.


September 2021. Late in the evening. A fireplace cracking, warming us in an 17th century old mansion close to the castles of the Loire Valley. The old white stones surrounding us inspire a deep and passionate conversation with my friends about finding the one word that summarizes our journey as human beings in our day to day life as well as on our spiritual journey…

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New Alchemy

Life challenges come more often than not with their gifts. The apparent obstacle can, should we listen to it carefully, bring us to a new understanding of ourselves. 

On that path towards more harmony, I have found myself needing to redefine some core concepts so that I can ascertain my bearings in that new world that I was experiencing. 

Writing them and then meditating upon each of them on what it meant for me and how to apply its precepts into my life, these poems have helped me find a new coherence, strengthening my purpose and accelerating my inner growth and harmony.

New Alchemy 1 – New
New Alchemy 2 – Buoyancy
New Alchemy 3 – Assertiveness
New Alchemy 4 – Trust
New Alchemy 5 – Heart
New Alchemy 6 – Wisdom
New Alchemy 7 – Love
New Alchemy 8 – Being
New Alchemy 9 – Truth
New Alchemy 10 – Arise
New Alchemy 11 – Persistence
New Alchemy 12 – Liberty
New Alchemy 13 – Serendipity
New Alchemy 14 – Time
New Alchemy 15 – Faith
New Alchemy 16 – Certainty
New Alchemy 17 – Sureness
New Alchemy 18 – Surrender
New Alchemy 19 – Compassion
New Alchemy 20 – Freedom
New Alchemy 21 – Grace
New Alchemy 22 – Life
New Alchemy 23 – Sweetness
New Alchemy 24 – Pronoia
New Alchemy 25 – Abundance
New Alchemy 26 – Joyful
New Alchemy 27 – Serenity
New Alchemy 28 – Peace
New Alchemy 29 – I am
New Alchemy 30 – Illusion
New Alchemy 31 – Positivity
New Alchemy 32 – Ego
New Alchemy 33 – Growth
New Alchemy 34 – Joy
New Alchemy 35 – Confidence
New Alchemy 36 – Presence
New Alchemy 37 – Receive

From I to Self

From I to Self 1 – Birth
From I to Self 2 – Journey
From I to Self 3 – To thy Heart
From I to Self 4 – Love
From I to Self 5 – Know thyself
From I to Self 6 – Song to my Twin Flame
From I to Self 7 – Free of me
From I to Self 8 – I
From I to Self 9 – Love unites
From I to Self 10 – Wind in the air
From I to Self 11 – Love, birthing its wings
From I to Self 12 – Silence
From I to Self 13 – It is just a Dream
From I to Self 14 – Blazing light
From I to Self 15 – A world of light
From I to Self 16 – Creation Fly!
From I to Self 17 – Gratitude
From I to Self 18 – Infinite mirror
From I to Self 19 – Pebble in a pond
From I to Self 20 – From: All That Is
From I to Self 21 – Tree in my sight
From I to Self 22 – Spelled by such beauty
From I to Self 23 – Moments of love
From I to Self 24 – Silence is golden
From I to Self 25 – Journey across Me
From I to Self 26 – Letter from my Heart
From I to Self 27 – In time, Now is key
From I to Self 28 – In the eons of time
From I to Self 29 – Higher Self’s dream

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