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As transformational forces are driving our societies, as global issues are continuously stacking up and feeding on each other, it is paramount for any leader to find its personal compass: its Heart. Are you ready to take the unconventional route to a thriving business and meaningful impact?


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A Leader Who Lights Up his Path


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Rob Angel, Creator of the board game PICTIONARY

Arnaud’s teachings got me into places I would have never thought on my own. He’s helping me find my joy. It is rare that someone understands human condition as well as Arnaud.

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Lead with Clarity, Show Up as a Trusted Leader

In today’s ever-growing uncertainty, clarity is paramount. Heart leadership fosters intuitive decision-making and a deeper understanding of one’s next steps in any complex environment.

Open to Ease and Flow, Accelerate Your Growth

Heart leadership can significantly contribute to an easier business growth by fostering a culture of innovation and heart intelligence. This environment encourages creative problem-solving and resilience.

Be the Change in the World, Create More Impact

Leaders who practice heart leadership create a more meaningful and resonant impact. They prioritize authentic connections, lead with empathy, and foster a heart-driven culture.

Your Heart Leader DNA?

Assess yourself against the 7 Pillars of Heart Leadership. Are you ready to lead with clarity, accelerate your growth AND create more impact?

Nodar Daneliya, co-founder @Shuttle.rs

What previously felt like rowing now feels increasingly like sailing. I was able to find my voice as a leader and motivate the team better than ever — leading us to a great year with lots of highlights and amazing growth.

We’re in the era of Heart Leadership

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Are you prepared to unlock your full leadership potential by connecting deeply with your heart?

Be the Best Leader You Can be

Everybody has the opportunity to become a Heart Leader. By aligning to the seven pillars of Heart Leadership, we open ourselves to a thriving and successful life.

Learn to Lead with Your Heart

With the Heartful Method, a proven and accessible process to achieve Heart Leadership, you align with a purposeful and momentous growth fostering inner peace, presence, inner joy, and more.

Join our Heart Leader Network

Connect, contribute, and exchange insights with like-minded leaders while deepening your Heart Leadership practice.

3 Easy Steps to
Heart Leadership

Are you ready to lead with clarity, accelerate your growth AND create more impact?

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Take Our Quiz

Discover how you rank against the 7 Heart Leadership Pillars through our comprehensive assessment.

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In a free one on one session, get clarity and the next steps to follow on your path to Heart Leadership

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Join Our Network

Connect with and learn from a cross-industry network of leaders who share the same leadership values


Are You Ready?

We meet you wherever you may be on your Heart Leadership journey.
Whether for an individual or an organization, we bring you all the tools and certifications necessary to ensure a smooth transition to Heart Leadership.

Heartful Guidance

Embark on a daily journey of inspiration with Heartful Guidance, gaining exclusive access to enlightening videos and a vibrant Heart Leadership network. This tier offers a constant stream of motivation and learning to nurture your heart-led leadership journey.

Heartful Discovery

Dive into a personalized exploration of your leadership style with Heartful Discovery. Engage directly with Arnaud or one of our expert Heartful Guides for a tailored assessment, unlocking new insights into your unique leadership path.

Heartful Method

Transform your leadership practice with the Heartful Method, offering an intensive and focused approach to cultivate life-changing skills. Working closely with a Heartful Guide, this program accelerates your growth, deepening your understanding and application of heart-centered leadership principles.

Heartful School

Advance your expertise in the Heartful Method with our specialized certification program, crafted to train our pool of certified Heartful Organizations, Teams, Leaders, and Guides. This comprehensive training provides the tools and insights needed to guide organizations and individuals on their journey towards Heart Leadership.

You’re Helping Us in Growing the Heart Economy Movement

By engaging with us, you contribute to the positive impact of the growing Heart Economy global movement. This movement is a non profit initiative to foster heart leadership in the business world.


Founder of the Heartful Method™ 

My life purpose is to help 1B people unlock their heart’s intelligence.

Living between Los Angeles and Paris, philanthropist and award-winning serial software, finance, and social impact entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I started my quest at 13 to live through my heart. Throughout my career, I have directly helped hundreds of individuals and inspired more than 50 million people internationally to connect to their heart.

Arnaud Saint-Paul, Heart Leader, Founder of the Heart Economy movement, the Heartful Method