Work with Arnaud,
going through his Heartful Method®
to connect to your Inner Harmony.

Successfully used by top CEOs and performers, you can find alignment and coherence in your life now. 

Heartful Method for Groups


In 90 days, leaders and individuals alike learn how to tap into their inner genius and fast track their growth.

Heartful Method One on One


Go deeper and faster to activate life changing practices working with Arnaud or one of our Heartful Guides.

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What can I expect when I attend the Heartful Method™?

Visual and Experiential guidance

Experience the simplicity of a visual method as you go through the Heartful Method™ while learning how to apply it to your day-to-day and experience a new life.


As you learn, with Arnaud’s guidance, how life is talking to you (and how you can respond), you start aligning yourself with your inner and outer flow, finding harmony within and without.


Gradually, throughout the sessions, you connect all the dots that make your new framework a reality and give you the foundation of a life based on acceptance, trust, and gratitude.


While taking care of your daily activities, experience a sense of oneness populating each moment of your life.

Heartful Method® 

A visual map to your Heart

Throughout your sessions, you will visually rewire your relationship to yourself and your reality, choosing to lead your life in Harmony with yourself on a daily basis.

I can't thank you enough

You helped me make sense of what makes me tick!

– Rob Angel, Creator of International Best-selling board game PICTIONARY (Los Angeles, USA)

Arnaud's teachings have incredibly accelerated my growth

This has taken me to a whole new level and I am very very grateful for the experience and transformation

– Slava Oganezov, CEO @Finverity ltd. (London, UK)

You helped me find purpose

Mind blowing! You help me see solutions and get a sense of purpose where I only saw struggle

– Chris Rock, CEO @Jungle Paradise (Tanzania)

Arnaud's Heartful Method helped me center

…and find a place of abundance. I can get quicker to such place when pressure builds up. I highly recommend it.

– Simon Severino, CEO @Strategy Sprint (Vienna, Australia)

Arnaud's method was the cornerstone, [improving] my relationships and work

Thank you Arnaud, you changed my life and you showed me a better way of living.

– Oksana Hyryak (London, UK)

Arnaud's expertise led to a better business strategy and a massive uplift in new opportunities and upcoming revenue

Abandoning old patterns and re-defining my own ‘life scenario’ made me a whole new person for ‘only’ a few weeks investment.

– Martin Ruffert, CEO @ioProjects, inc. (DE, USA)

3-month dive to more Harmony

Heartful Method™ Online Workshop

Are you ready to make a difference for yourself? Do you feel the urge to step up to align with your vision and help countless others? If that is you, then join our group of Conscious Leaders and practice with us. Following the steps of Arnaud’s Heartful Method™, a summary of his 30-years of personal inquiry, you will undergo a complete rewiring of your relationship with your reality and access higher levels of inner and outer coherence, flow, balance, peace and love.


  • Weekly guidance sessions with Arnaud applying his Heartful Method™ 

  • Daily support through our group of Heartful Leaders
  • Additional free bonuses

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