Power up and Rejuvenate: A Heartful Method™ Journey for High-Achieving Women

Unlock your Heart’s Intelligence

Are you a woman who’s been channeling your incredible energy and skills into solving the world’s problems?

While admirable, this path often leads to personal energy depletion and a feeling of being unfulfilled as a woman. Our unique program, designed exclusively for women like you, offers a transformative journey to reclaim your happiness, restore your energy, and align with yourself and the right relationships in your life.

Embrace Your Inner Power with the Heartful Method™ for High-Achieving Women

Discover the unique Heartful Method™, a transformative approach designed exclusively for high-achieving women. This method is not just another program; it’s a gateway to deeply connect with the simplicity, authenticity, and clarity of your heart, redirecting your considerable energies towards personal fulfillment and balance.

Exclusive Women-Only Group Sessions: Engage in meaningful, supportive discussions with fellow powerhouse women in a confidential environment. Our sessions honor the Chatham House Rule, fostering a safe space for open expression and connection.

Tailored for high achievers: The Heartful Method™ is specifically crafted for women who have dedicated themselves to exceptional achievements and societal contributions. We understand your unique challenges and help you channel your remarkable energy back into your personal growth and well-being.


Realign Your Personal Life: Embark on a journey to align with the right life relationships. Our method aids in cultivating relationships that nurture both your personal and professional life, empowering you to create a harmonious balance.

Alleviate Anxiety by Reconnecting with Your Feminine Essence: The Heartful Method™ offers you a serene path to rediscover and embrace your feminine energy, effectively reducing anxiety. By reconnecting with your inner self, you’ll experience a renewed sense of calm and confidence, essential for expressing your inner truth.

Through the powerful visual framework of our Heartful Map™, you can shift from a life led by external demands to a life guided by your heart. Let go of autopilot living and consciously choose your next steps, leaning on the power of your heart. Feel supported as you follow life’s flow towards your True Vision.

As a participant in our program, you become the master of your journey, skillfully navigating life’s challenges with newfound resilience and confidence. Transform past traumas and old patterns, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, inner peace, and a harmonious flow in life.

Join us and step into your role as a Heartful Leader, harmonizing your high-achieving nature with your heart’s intelligence.

12 Weeks to Heartful Leadership

Heartful Method for High Achieving Women

What you get:

  • The complete Heartful Method™ Program (9 videos, 30-45 min long)
  • Weekly LIVE 60-minute online flip classes with Arnaud Saint-Paul
  • Ongoing support from our community of peers
  • Inspirational audios you can listen to anytime
  • Easy payment options

Real Testimonials, Real Transformations

Hear from people who have experienced profound changes through our program, providing you with genuine insights into the journey you’re about to embark on.

Arnaud’s course was the cornerstone, [improving] my relationships and work

Thank you Arnaud, you changed my life and you showed me a better way of living.

– Oksana Hyryak (London, UK)

“Arnaud helped me understand myself and find my joy”

He has taught me so much about heart-brain coherence and myself.

– Rob Angel, Creator of the international best-selling game PICTIONARY (Los Angeles, USA)

Which type of life do you want to experience now?

Unconscious Growth

You live your life and go through its ups and downs, mostly hustling and struggling.

Self Enquiry

You engage in self-enquiry and go through different mind-driven personal development techniques.

Complete Autonomy
of Self-Expression

Following a heart-driven method, you fast-track years of study and align faster with your heart vision.

It is for me, if…

  • I’m yearning to reclaim my identity beyond my achievements
  • I crave a deeper connection with fellow peers
  • I’m eager to transform my high-achievement stress into empowering energy
  • I long to harmonize my professional drive with personal wellness
  • I aspire to enhance my leadership with heartful and empathetic strategies
  • I’m determined to improve my relationships, aligning with myself

It is NOT for me, if…

  • I’m content with surface-level connections and don’t seek deeper, meaningful interactions
  • I view my professional success as my sole identity and am not looking to explore beyond it
  • I’m not ready to transform the stress of high achievement into positive energy
  • I believe my current approach to balancing professional drive with personal wellness is sufficient
  • I am not looking to improve or realign my personal relationships

Meet our Founder

As philanthropist and award-winning serial software, finance, and social impact entrepreneur for more than 20 years, living between Los Angeles and Paris, Arnaud went through his awakening when 13. While having a successful career in Finance and Technology across continents, he has been traveling throughout the world to study the different religions and philosophies in his relentless quest to understand himself.

His life purpose is now to open billions of hearts and help them find harmony inside and out.

Using technology as a mean to such endeavor, he sets the foundation using his 30 years of research and practice. He creates a highly visual framework: the Heartful Method™. Thanks to its unique visual nature and tools, Arnaud has  helped hundreds of leaders throughout the world one on one.