How can you be compassionate authentically? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Christopher King
How do you make sure that you are expressing compassion? Ben, Ben, Sincere and authentic. And that expression, that compassion and you and you conveying that the person feels that energy from you. And not just some words that you’re just saying for the moment.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
I mean, it depends on your intention, right? This is your world. So if you open your heart and really mean it, it will be it will be perceived as such. Hmm. Sometimes he may not be perceived as such, too. Because. Because that person may not be ready or you are not ready for her to receive it.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
So compassion only exists in your hearts, and you are pouring it towards that aspect that is being expressed and you express it to the best of your ability. And that’s enough.

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