How did writing ‘I’ change you? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Each path on that book there are 66 path are an experience of another facet of I it’s called I because it’s all about us right as a human having this experience of ourselves and that I goes through many different aspects of itself. He goes through for instance from persistence to surrender, to trust to faith, etcetera. And these going through these poems will helps me to not only first understand from another perspective what it means to have wisdom or to have faith or to surrender, but also help me to be present to that aspect of me, of I that is there always.

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But we don’t necessarily choose to activate it or not and that is important because we need those tools. We actually use them unconsciously and the whole work that we have, if we choose to, is to become conscious of our choices and to so that we can start to have visibility no, it’s not. We don’t want to manage our companies through the fog.

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That’s not fun. You know, when you’re driving through the fog, you never know exactly when things are going to come from, etcetera. Well, same thing. We tend to be on autopilot most of the time from a consciousness standpoint. And the whole idea here is to start becoming conscious of our choices. When we do that, we start finding alignment.

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We start and unveiling it because it’s already there. We just haven’t chosen to be present to it. And so as we do that, then we start to find harmony.

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