How Do You Control Ego? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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00:00:08:09 – 00:00:25:11
Christopher King
How do I control ego? And I let ego now take me in a different direction and make me feel like I’m superior or better or more privileged or whatever the ego is trying to tell me at any particular given time.

00:00:27:15 – 00:00:42:20
Arnaud Saint Paul
That question does not pertain any more to the world you just described. Hmm. It doesn’t exist I’m not saying that the ego does not exist. I’m saying there is no more need of any control whatsoever.

00:00:45:01 – 00:01:11:15
Arnaud Saint Paul
When you are in that place. We were describing that. I am. That I am. This ego is still there. Yes. It is part of the. I am that I am. There is no no need of denying it. There is no need of controlling it either because it is fulfilling its role, a role in aspect of all that you are, but not just that.

00:01:13:09 – 00:01:20:06
Arnaud Saint Paul
So all of a sudden, instead of being your ultimate expression, it is part of your expression.

00:01:20:21 – 00:01:21:06
Christopher King

00:01:23:18 – 00:01:51:12
Arnaud Saint Paul
And control is not part of the equation. It is not needed because you are in that state of flow of yourself. With life. Right? Right. You’re in a state of grace, ultimately, all the time. And in that case, ego is to to to give it a name and a label.

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