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How would you define Abundance? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Abundance is a concept that does not exist in the world with the world of the mind and the ego. The world of the mind and the ego lives in a finite world and it has to have limits. It is particle beats based, so to speak. It has to have structures and control and all that stuff. It is the Masculine Energy that is there to segment things and measure them.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Therefore, it is a continuum to abundance which is a flow of light. So one has a conscious leader has to get into his own heart or her own heart in order to be able to live abundance. And that abundance expressed itself in so many ways. Not just the financial one or the health one, et cetera, and ways that we don’t necessarily qualify as such.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Right. So to earlier, we are talking about gratitude and faith, et cetera, where if we were great in gratitude of the amazing air we are breathing, we have such an abundance of it right Yes. Or the nights or the rain or I don’t know if you if you go and plant something on the grounds it’s going to grow and grow and grow and never stop to grow.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
And pure abundance but still, again, it’s a difficult concept for the mind to grasp and accept and live because it may stop at one point or another. Right. Right. And so we’re going back also to this way of being, which has to be, again, looking at trusting oneself and loving oneself and be grateful for oneself. Once I am there, then I am ready to accept more and more abundance.

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