How would you define Faith? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Arnaud Saint Paul
It’s all about you falling in love with yourself. Faith is one angle of it. And so you have that inner vision. Will you trust it? Will you have faith in it beyond whatever is being shown to you?

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Whether it’s someone making a comment saying that you will not be able to do it, or just a series of things that are not flowing in that direction. If it’s not flowing, then maybe it’s another direction that needs to be taken. But at least I have the faith to follow life’s God guidance. Yes. And trusting it’s trusting that it leads me to the right place again and again and again.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
And so all of a sudden, you have a rock solid faith, trust in you, in your life, et cetera. In the others. And there is no other possibility for your reality but to provide you with what you want not what you want. What is in your hearts Vision.

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