How would you define Persistence? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Persistence is actually the word of this week that we’re using on social media. persistence. Well, the thing is, as we become more and more conscious leaders, what starts to take hold is the world that we have inside ourselves. The vision, the heart vision we have inside ourselves. Right. That is the one that is true. What is outside of ourselves between quotes meaning, reality or our environment has yet to catch up with it.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Basically, And so persistence starts to become key, because if I abandoned my inner vision to the benefit of the outer environment, then I lose myself or I lose that space, that conscious space of me. And so persistence is about continuing, focusing on that true vision that we hold, which is which makes us the leader of our life, the leader of the conscious, leader of our businesses, etc. So that reality can start to bring in all the components of it.

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