How would you define Trust? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Arnaud Saint Paul
One needs to trust. That’s super important.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
It’s one of the stepping stones. You know, at the foundation of everything. And so when we’re saying trust, it’s opening our heart and trusting, knowing that everything that is coming my way is there not only for a reason. Not only this perfect, but it is there to help me grow and become a better leader. Just to take that.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
That angle. Right. And and therefore, to come to to get faster towards my vision, whichever it is. Now, sometimes it may feel like a left field kind of ball. Right. These obstacles you were mentioning earlier. But they are there to help you actually let go of a belief system that is hampering you to get to your goal, to your vision.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Right. So that’s why it is so important to trust the process itself, because when you do so, not only do you recover faster, not in the sense that you fail, but more that you see it, you accept it, you embrace it, you let it go. Right. So it starts to become something easy. And as you do that, you get the next thing and the next thing and the next thing.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
And very quickly. Very, very quickly. You have covered so much ground that you didn’t see it because you’re not moving forward in a linear fashion, but in a holistic one. So if something you know is let go of all of a sudden you’ve got a huge aspect of your project that comes to fall in place super quickly. So trusting the process trusting life, trusting therefore your reality, and more importantly, trusting yourself because in the end you are worth it.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
But most of the time we do not trust ourselves. So in other words, trusting our heart that it is leading us in the right direction, right.

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