What are coherence, alignment and, success? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Coherent. So, you know, it’s like when you’re creating a messaging for your clients, right, to acquire more clients you have to be more and more aligned if you want to speak the right way to your clients so that they can actually convert into clients. So from leads to client, you need the most alignment you have, the more coherence you have, and therefore the more harmony there is the more clients you you get from that effort you’ve made.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
So so if you take that and you apply it to the rest of your life and your business, then that brings automatically success because again, you are an instrument. You are looking to express the best tune you can be, right? You look to be the best version of your company being the leader in your market. That is also finding coherence and alignment in your processes, in your content, in the way you approach leads and clients so that everything while it is aligning brings more and more success and the world in which you’re thriving is bringing you more success still.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
So it’s basically being in the flow of yourself right And that’s what harmony is. It’s really having or being that symphony of you that is without any false notes or typos and to be the best you can be in that on that front. So this is what it is about. We have that possibility on our fingertips. We most of the time tend to choose difficulty, hustle, struggle, when in reality, by choosing to find these alignments within, we can come into that place of constant flow and alignment.

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