What is meant by the statement I AM? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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Arnaud Saint Paul
And when to start with. I am that I am, which is the foundation of your being in mine. And all the people that are listening. I am that I am is the pure truth that I am the one that I am. It’s not bad, right? In the end, I am Christopher King and I am that. I mean, it’s kind of a circular reference, but it is a truth.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
And I mean, you can do much better than that in terms of truth and in terms of foundation on which you can be you, right? Yes. OK, so if I let go of Christopher King for a moment, I am that I am refers to this unconditional love that you are at the very bottom of you OK. And on top of that, we have another layer, which is I am I am for instance, male or I am Christopher King, etcetera, etcetera.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
And that I am this is starting to differentiate itself from the others It’s where that I am that I am meets the bodies So that there is a process of identification starting to happen. And then that I am I becomes alone. Right. Even if is all one at the same time so that I becomes starts to have roles or actions.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
So I am this with that or with whom? Right. Or I do this and that and this is who I am. I am doing this and that. You know, what do you do? You go, I’m doing I’m an accountant. Sure. You’re much more than that. But then that’s what you identify to. And therefore, you you are hypnotized by it.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
You’re lost into it, and that’s OK. That’s amazing. But then again, maybe you can be also aware and conscious of not only the I do, but the I am this with whom. And then I am this innately I am that I am So, you see, I can be conscious of all the different layers at the same time. It’s a choice.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
You can be in a linear fashion. Be aware of one of the layers or all of them together, or choose a specific layer. So first scenario is autopilot. Second scenario is being all that is. And the third scenario is intentionally choosing one aspect of the I am ness of you is to be all that you are and not limiting yourself to one aspect.

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Arnaud Saint Paul
Mm hmm. But again, it is a choice.

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