Why Harmony in a business context? #HeartfulQA #heartful

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00:00:08:01 – 00:00:11:23
Simon Severino
His life purpose is to open 1 billion hearts.

00:00:12:08 – 00:00:13:05
Arnaud Saint Paul
We will go.

00:00:13:05 – 00:00:18:03
Simon Severino
Deep today into why finding harmony within helps your business.

00:00:18:03 – 00:00:52:13
Arnaud Saint Paul
Grow. Well, I have that urge to share a message about helping people to find harmony within, because I believe it is our birthright to acquire more clients. You have to be more and more aligned if you want to speak the right way to your clients so that they can actually convert into clients. So from leads to client, you need the most alignment you have, the more coherence you have, and therefore the more harmony there is, the more clients you have.

00:00:52:15 – 00:01:30:12
Arnaud Saint Paul
You get everything why it is aligning brings more and more success. So it’s basically being in the flow of yourself, right? And that’s what harmony is. We most of the time tend to choose difficulty, hustle, struggle, when in reality, by choosing to find these alignments within, we can come into that place of constant flow and alignment. Once the person has, it has made started to make that choice even for small things.

00:01:31:08 – 00:02:00:02
Arnaud Saint Paul
Then the engine starts, so to speak, and the alignment will bring more alignment of itself related to that topic that has been chosen. And that, I goes through many different aspects of itself. He goes through, for instance, from persistence to surrender, to trust to faith, etcetera. We tend to be on autopilot most of the time from a consciousness standpoint.

00:02:01:05 – 00:02:43:15
Arnaud Saint Paul
And the whole idea here is to start becoming conscious of our choices. When we do that, we start finding alignments, we start unveiling it because it’s already there. We just haven’t chosen to be present to it. And so as we do that, then we start to find harmony So first step So step one be in the present moment in now in this physical body, in this environment in which you are, that is an essential step because it’s the only step where and the only place where you can actually have a transformation moment.

00:02:43:22 – 00:03:10:18
Arnaud Saint Paul
Step two is about acceptance. It’s about accepting what is here and now, what the situation is as it is in this moment. I accept it as such, and I surrender to it, which leads me to the third step, which is to open yourself to more compassion. These are tools that I use for myself right on my own journey.

00:03:11:02 – 00:03:36:03
Arnaud Saint Paul
So that that helped me to bring about to this world the harmful method, which is 160 charts that helps a person to change from a mind way of living the world to a heart driven one. So this world I am living now, right, with my reality, with the people I’m working with and so on, it is only one.

00:03:36:03 – 00:03:47:11
Simon Severino
There is only one in the world that happens that way. It’s my world. And then you have yours and etcetera. The moment we are identifying with something we’re losing energy.

00:03:48:11 – 00:04:04:11
Simon Severino
So when we identify, we lose energy. And if we don’t identify with single parts so we stay in our endless, endless opportunity, infinite, infinite being. We don’t lose energy.

00:04:04:11 – 00:04:38:09
Arnaud Saint Paul
Our life journey is to open our heart more and more and more to experience from different angles and open our hearts. At a certain point, there is a need of letting go of that identification too and find that that love is within. If I consider my business from a place of abundance, it will become abundant. If I identify to it from a place of lack, it will be always from scars, right?

00:04:38:12 – 00:05:04:14
Arnaud Saint Paul
It is still possible to choose a path of harmony with many, many a people around and and and and ownership of different things, etcetera. It’s just, again, it’s a choice where our creators and we create these businesses to not just make a living, but more as a message of or representation of ourselves, of our essence.

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