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New Alchemy 3 – Assertiveness

From I, The Book:

On its journey towards its Self, I needs to include some qualities like ‘Assertiveness’ if it wants to succeed in its endeavor.

When making a choice, along with Buoyancy, I can choose to make such choice shyly or… with Assertiveness. In one case, it is as if I am only trying (bearing a 50/50 possibility of a failed experience) while in the other case while on the other, it is a definite choice that needs to be enacted.

After a series of choices I was making that were not conducive to any concrete result, I had to get deeper into the necessary intention underlying something that may seem natural to so many around me. That is when I found that final element to the elixir of the perfect choice pattern: Assertiveness.

I, the book - New Alchemy - Assertiveness

New Alchemy 3.1

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are not this physical body and all that entails, including the core belief that all that you are is summarized in it, in the space and time within which this body is experienced.

What if your consciousness is much more than that? Visualize it like a hologram where each present moment is the opportunity to visit one aspect of it, one slightly different angle of …you. In other words, the environment you are in, in this moment, is an illustration of who you are… reading about that journey towards Harmony.
In this world of light, the I consciousness is being reflected, like living amongst an unfathomable number of mirrors, throughout the situations it goes through.

New Alchemy 3.2

Once a choice is made, there is no point of lingering further, no need of letting energies of the past or expectations of the future alter the new choice and new world in its inception. The purer the choice, the more assertive it is, the more coherent the end result.

New Alchemy 3.3

Thanks to such pure choice, I becomes the creator of the new pattern being born. I takes on the responsibility (towards itself) to maintain  active that new normal through its intention.

New Alchemy 3.4

Even if I made the choice and opened the door to that new pattern to take hold in my day to day, it has a life of its own. It has its own purpose, its own rhythm, creating a perfect dance between me and my creation so that I can deepen my sense of Self and return to my Self, fall in love, again, with mySelf.


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