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September 2021. Late in the evening. A fireplace cracking, warming us in an 17th century old mansion close to the castles of the Loire Valley. The old white stones surrounding us inspire a deep and passionate conversation with my friends about finding the one word that summarizes our journey as human beings in our day to day life as well as on our spiritual journey.

That word that also outlines my work to date is harmony.
We are all, consciously or unconsciously, looking for, striving for, finding harmony or increased coherence in our lives. We can call it love and many many other names but our  choices boil down to what encompasses that word.

Throughout that beautiful conversation with this benevolent white haired elder and his partner, a brilliant journalist, it became evident that this is what has been driving my life for the past decades… and that I should write about it to share how amazing life can become should we decide to, simply, open our heart to it.

Hence, I, the book, was born with its 66 magical doors to a new world of you: a world filled with more joy, peace and …harmony.

Now that you have got a first taste, a first dialog with your heart through these poems, let’s dive deeper and embark together on a profound journey towards increased coherence.

~ * ~

In our day to day, as time goes by and we bounce from one event to the next, a conversation, a thought, a situation, that sense of I that lies within each and everyone of us is looking to express itself. In other words, as I goes through each present moment, it tries to make sense of itself. Moving through the situations of life, perceiving its own difference with its surrounding world, constantly looking, even if unconsciously, for an increased level of coherence or harmony.

From I to SelfOn its journey to its Self, I needs to find ways to have more harmony in its life. Intrinsically, such harmony translates into more love (towards itself and all its surroundings) which helps I to merge with itself. It enters into an harmonious coherence with all its other aspects, becoming one with itself, unconditionally. Therefore the concept of separation becomes totally irrelevant within that context.

But I slightly digress, let’s continue our journey through our first poem: New.

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