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6 Morning Rituals Of Happy People Before They Get Out of Bed

What is the best attitude when waking up from bed? 6 Morning Rituals Of Happy People Before They Get Out of Bed

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When you rise from bed in the morning do you just jump out of your bed and get right to starting your day, or do you stay for a moment and become a happy person?

Most of the people spend their mornings running around trying to prepare for the day, and spend whatever is left of the day in much of the same way – in a rush. Many people are very unhappy and loathe the mere thought of opening their eyes before 9 a.m. It might, however, surprise you that there are a few happy individuals who really make the most out of their mornings; such people take not less than 5 minutes to perform certain morning rituals which ensure they get the happiest day possible. If your alarm clock hums and you race to get ready for work, you may end up feeling hurried and stressed for the rest of the day. How you wake up is such a vital part of the day, so just take a few minutes to start your day in a happier way with these six morning rituals.

6 tips to enter the Happy People Club:


1. Wake up to the fact that you are awake.

This is what mindfulness is about. Most of the people spend most of their waking hours on autopilot – awake but really not awake. Get rid of that pattern at the start of the day immediately and you gain consciousness by taking note of the fact that you are awake and alive: there might be light falling into your room; there might be a loved one or a beloved pet by your side. Whatever your circumstance when you wake up, stop and pay close attention to the sounds and sights around you, and to the way the sheets or bedding feel against your skin.

2. Express gratitude.

How often do you take time to consider all the blessings in your life? Any time you wake up take a moment to say a silent thank-you to the people and world around you. Express gratitude for the life you live, the happy moments and all the positive aspects of life that you usually don’t take note of. Say thank you for your spouse, a dear friend, your children or parents, or anyone else who impacts your life in an incredible way. There is always something to be thankful for, we simply need to look within and around us.

3. Set your intentions for the day.

You have to set your intentions for the day instead of just going through the motions. If you could make it happen, what would you wish for the day? Consider today as a whole new world, a fresh start that no one but you can figure happens next. More often than not, our positive thoughts and planning can change the direction our day and determine how it will go. Our thoughts are what shape the reality we experience. Would you prefer to choose happy thoughts or sad ones?

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4. Breathe deeply.

Breathing is a prerequisite for anyone with a pulse and should never be taken for granted. We see breathing as something we normally do so we have the tendency to forget to take deep breaths to permit oxygen to completely enter our lungs and revitalize our senses.

Before getting out of bed in the morning, take at least five deep, slow breaths, focusing on the air you are inhaling and exhaling. You will feel refreshed and prepared to take on whatever the world throws your way that day.

5. Flex Your Smile Muscles.

It’s early and smiling is the least demanding way to flex a muscle, and its benefits are astounding. Smiling reduces blood pressure, stress and it also boosts the immune system. Smiling can eliminate any negative emotions or thoughts because it increases the flow of endorphin and serotonin chemicals into your brain. Showing that smile can do a lot of wonders in your morning ritual.

Flex your smile muscles in the morning and before you know it, you will find yourself smiling on your own and always thinking of things to smile about. As you practice this more and more, you enter the exclusive club of happy people.

6. Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistakes.

There are times when we beat ourselves up because of the errors we’ve committed in the past. Dwelling on things you cannot go back and change just harbors more negative sentiments and definitely prevents you from being happy. Something that happy individuals have learned is that forgiveness is the key to progressing and making better decisions in the future. Instead of feeling bad about your past setbacks, feel better about how far you have come. Take a second to forgive yourself for any mistakes you have made in the past. Nobody is perfect, and holding onto those misgivings will do nothing but pull you down. Acknowledge the action, event or maybe something you said, and tell yourself, “I forgive myself.” If you are holding a grudge against another, you can use this opportunity to quietly forgive them as well. Getting rid of those hard feelings will affect you in a more positive manner than you may realize at the time. With such release, you are then able to experience a happier side of yourself which then leads to positive life experiences.

Setting a positive tone for your day starts before you leave the sheets. Granting yourself a few minutes to go through these six tips can greatly enhance your mood and attitude throughout the day and help you become part of this elite group of happy people!


And if you want to try another nudge to get to a happier place, listen to Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’:

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