Sounds and Words affect your Body and Environment

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Check out this ‪#‎science‬-based video and reflect on the true power of words that affect your body including the positive words you say, read or listen to.

Discover what Cymatics Science, Masaru Emoto, the MIT, George Mason University and also Nigel Stanford have demonstrated the power of words and vibrations.

By carefully selecting the words you surround yourself with you will experience a more positive and happier life.

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Thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), George Mason University, Masaru Emoto, Jason Silva, Nigel Stanford, Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul

More on the power of vibrations.

Here is an excerpt:

Beneath the material perception we have every single moment of all the items and elements around us: water, table, ground and more, exists another world. A world made of eternal vibration which permeates across all internal structures of our world. Vibrations create our surrounding and allow us to distinguish each element. In other words, it is the vibration pattern of an element that will determine the very identity of such object through our perception mechanisms.
Like a musical note, everything, everybody, every e(-)motion, every ‘energy elements’ around us vibrates, each at their own frequency.
Even if our eyes do not necessarily perceive it evidently, we do know intuitively such truth. We know that sound, like our voice singing or talking, is a manifestation of vibrations like a string of a guitar, the same applies to all that is.

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