From Survival to Thriving: The Unfair Advantage that Takes You to the Tipping Point

In our last article, I shared how Joe was able to leverage his own ‘unfair advantage’. Allow me to lead you to discover what is this ‘unfair advantage’ we all have access to and more importantly one can activate it.

What helped Joe, an entrepreneur like many others, accomplish 1000% more in one hour than in one week? One aspect of the answer was indeed realizing that looking inward and letting go of the need to fight was the way to go (and indeed that’s what was immediately confirmed). But Joe did something else that activated everything he was building to a whole new level using this unfair advantage we are talking about.

Before I reveal this aspect that Joe had forgotten, which holds the key to any challenge he may face, let me share a few scientific facts about it. Most people, like Joe, go about their daily routine using their brains as the primary problem-solving tool. Did you know that there is another aspect of him that is 100 times more powerful when measuring its magnetic field? If we look at its electromagnetic field, we raise the bar to 5,000 times stronger! This very special organ that Joe has (and you too) can also be felt and measured up to 3 feet away! I won’t list all the qualities here, you can discover more in this infographic.

You should have gotten it by now. This is Joe’s heart. The very first organ that forms when we are conceived is, in fact, the door to the abundant future that Joe sees for himself. Learning to activate his heart allowed Joe to align with his purpose and vision more seamlessly, turning daily challenges into stepping stones. As he continues practicing activating his heart in his daily life, everything becomes so much easier.

So how does he activate his heart?

The First Step

The first step in tapping into the infinite potential of our heart is to take responsibility or ownership for our choices, our life, and all that happens in it. This allows us to let go of our old pattern and so quickly embrace a new, more nurturing, and harmonious one.

Like our physical heart, every moment is an opportunity to contract or expand.

If the heart can teach us one thing, it’s that every situation offers us an opportunity to expand or contract:

… Contraction … Expansion … Silence* ……

* Every expression is possible, what is my choice?

For years, Joe became a victim of his circumstances, especially in his financial and survival issues. Joe had to abandon this victim mentality and take responsibility for his inner alignment with the situations he faced. This constant struggle between choosing victimhood and responsibility can be likened to the contraction and expansion of the heart. Mind you, he is not taking responsibility for the circumstances themselves, but he is choosing to take responsibility for the way he would experience them and his inner alignment with the situation itself.

Let’s pause here for a moment. Joe has been living as a victim of his circumstances for as long as he can remember. This kind of relationship can affect all aspects of his life or just a few specific ones, as in his case, his relationship with others in terms of money, his survival, and so on. However, he does not have an issue (or he has a neutral relationship) related to his health, love relationship, etc.

What triggers victimhood in your life? Are you ready to take your life back?

Initially, Joe was unsure if he could embark on a seemingly dangerous journey of letting go of his past and the familiar patterns that came with it. But Joe’s transformation journey is much like coming home, all he needed to do was relax into it.

Thanks to Joe, we have learned today that it is indeed possible to let go of old patterns and identifications. In doing so, Joe set himself up for more success than he ever dreamed possible. Did he resolve all of his issues? No, but he has definitely crossed a major stepping stone that will set him up for a successful manifestation of his vision.

He took a leap of faith — are you ready to take yours?

In the following article, we’ll delve into Joe’s methods to free himself from old patterns and identifications instantly (after some practice, of course) so that his day-to-day becomes a constant, thriving flow of growth. Joe now takes us on a journey into the experience of our vision where presence, joy, being part of the flow, a sense of purpose, and peace populate our daily lives. Stay tuned!