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HealThruWords® Responds to Study That Reveals 70% of Our Thoughts Are Negative by Launching the ReWire™ and DailyBoost™ Programs

HealThruWords® brings to market the Positive ReEvolution

Following a Study at the University of Texas, 70% of people's thoughts are negative...
Following a Gallup Study, 87% of today's workforce is emotionally disconnected and less likely to produce; $300B annual added expenses for corporations due to stress, healthcare and absenteism

Sedona, Arizona, June 8th, 2016

In response to this study, HealThruWords® offers its proprietary technology through its ground-breaking products, the ReWire™ and DailyBoost™ Programs. These programs quickly and effortlessly inspire and create a more empowered and conscious driven leader.

This was first proven in Prof. Raj Raghunathan’s study from the University of Texas (Dallas) (, cited in Psychology Today, which demonstrates that up to 70% of our current thoughts are negative. Similar scientific studies also prove that negative thoughts, spoken and written words have a damaging impact on our mind, body and successes.

“Words hold immense power”, says co-founder and CEO of HealThruWords®, Arnaud St-Paul. “After amazing results, we are both thrilled and excited to offer our products to those leaders who recognize and are now ready to transform and adopt positive patterns. It’s an honor to be able to share this Positive ReEvolution.”

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The ReWire™ Program is designed, using the HealThruwords® methodology, to empower leaders through the science-proven principles of Heartfulness (physical exercise, mindfulness, gratitude, and words) offered to business owners, executives, corporate leaders, and teams who suffer with stressful and high-performance environments.

DailyBoost™ inspires. Pass it Forward and enlighten the rest of the world! Share influential messages with friends, clients, stakeholders, colleagues and teams with 365 positive daily reminders, having a cumulative effect that in turn create a solid foundation for positivity and success.

To learn more contact us at info(at)healthruwords(dot)com, or visit our website at

Join the Positive ReEvolution!


About HealThruWords®

Founded in 2011 by Roxana Jones, Inspirational Award Winning and Best Selling Author, and Arnaud Saint-Paul, Award Winning Conscious Technologist, International Spiritual Healer and Teacher, who have dedicated themselves to serving and helping people who are ready to take a bold step in their lives.  To date, their exclusive Encoded Healing™ HealThruWords® Inspirational Quotes have already reached and inspired more than 30 million people, bringing amazing proven healing results. Roxana and Arnaud have been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Social Media Today, Les Echos, El Economista, LCI, Espacio Humano, Simple Reminders, Awakening People, Excellence Reporter and many more!

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