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From Dispersion to Focus

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Triangle of Awareness to Focus

Hey, so to continue on this journey, here is a triangle of awareness that will hopefully help you to find that space within you where you can find more focus, and therefore let go of dispersion and obtain more awareness of yourself.

So, if you look at this chart here, you know, we have, from a human perspective, we have all these expectations in the future that we usually identify to, we have all these past stories, which we believe are part of ourselves, and yes, they are. But then again, maybe not that so. And we identify strongly to them. And that creates dispersion that creates less awareness, and less connection with ourselves in at the very core. So what if we actually are more focused on the Now moment, as you’ve explored in this workshop, and by doing so by letting go of these future expectations by allowing these past stories to be beautiful stories, but to which I am not necessarily engaged with from an emotional standpoint, then everything happens in now, all of a sudden, and that is an amazing place to be in, because from that place of freedom, of ourselves of our old selves, so to speak, the old old eyes that were talking to us and bringing a lot of different stories to in our reality, or the future ones we were talking about, as well, that would show us these places where I could be and I’m not here, etc, etc. Well, from that place of freedom that is now freed of all these identifications, I can make beautiful, more focused choice for myself and my loved ones.

So use this chart to see on a daily basis each moment, where do you stand in one of these three sections or three segments of the triangle? And then you can see on average, where do you use tend to be and it gives you a direction where you want to go on a daily basis. Have fun with it, and you know, let us know how it works for you.


From Dispersion to Focus Workshop


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Saana  00:03

So I think yes, like starts. Thank you for joining us. So we will start this amazing Givens with Domino’s. So tell us more about you about your journey about our success story from France to SA to the word.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  00:20

With pleasure, Hi. So my name is Arnaud Saint-Paul. And I’m a French origin. But so I, my background has been a in finance technology, creating startups. And at the same time, since the age of 13, I’ve been on a spiritual path, a new looking to understand who I am. And, and by doing so I was able to have a double life. So I was doing technology and finance on one side, and on the other helping people to grow and be reborn to themselves. Fast forward now, since about 10 years, I decided to dedicate my life to help people to help 1 billion people to open the heart to themselves. And for that I have created two ventures one is an ecosystem for children, for them to become philanthropists and practice sustainable financial literacy, using technology blockchain. So it’s finance and tech together. But for a, a spiritual purpose. What I like to see is a platform that helps billions of children to use on a daily basis, empathy, compassion, altruism, and so that when they grow up, they are more of that, right. So that’s a bit my way to create systemic change at the society level, to help millions and millions of people to open their heart. And the other thing that have been arising in the past three decades, is also another technology called The Hartford method, which is a visual map of consciousness, where I help leaders, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today, too, become more conscious, to open to harmony to inner harmony, and to invite more abundance, more balance, more peace, more love, and also connect to a higher version of themselves and invite more better results in in whatever their endeavors are. So that’s the technology that I have been using, not only for CEOs that I’m advising in, in the FinTech industry, mostly in Europe, and in the US, and also using it for myself, and helping me to bring about what the the companies I was mentioning earlier. So that’s a bit what we’re going to talk about today, which is how can we invite harmony within? Or better said, how can we have that harmony that is already within how we can have it in our day to day and how we can be present to it? So I’m inviting an artifact, which is a dashboard here that I’m going to use to so you know, if you have any question go ahead, send I will will, will ask? Well,


Saana  03:50

yeah, feel free to ask it directly at the end of the presentation of amo are also in the discussion. So feel free to to, to put your questions, thank you.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  04:06

workflow, and probably the last one. So here we go. So I owe you three ways to invite more harmony within. So what is harmony? How what do i What is it for you, it’s inviting more coherence in your life. In other words, whatever you are, and you stand for whatever is your original essence, whatever you bring about to the world, right? This has a certain coherence, it has a certain tone, and that tone only wants to grow and become more of it. And the whole idea is that by opening ourselves to more law I have to more balanced to more peace, this starts to come about in your day to day in your experience of yourself and your reality. So that’s what harmony is about within the scope of what I talked about. And I just published a second book about that very topic, that if you’re interested, I’ll share the URL afterwards. And so, in order to connect with that harmony within the first step that is necessary to take on is to understand that the following imagine this is your life, right? Or better said, it’s time. Time is composed of past. I hope you guys see what I’m writing here, by the way, so this is past, and this is future. Right and in the middle we have now. So when we are in our day to day, when we are in all these moments that are making our beautiful life, we have the propensity to, to have many thoughts, many emotions that are happening at the same time. And some of them are here. Some of them are there. So we call that memories, we call that expectations. And most of the time, there is basically nobody here in the middle. So the important thing that we need to do on a daily basis on a moment by moment basis, every hour, if we can, is to remind ourself, to bring back to this Now moment, our presence to ourself, because this is the only thing that exists. If you, you know, the past is past, right, the future that hasn’t existed started yet. So the real reality that you have now in your hands, is this moment. Do we agree on that? Please? Yes, we found on your chat. Yeah. Let’s have everyone say, what they think about it. And if they have objections, please, by all means, not a problem, or questions for that matter. So this is the reality. Now. This is an illusion, and this is another one. This is something that we choose to give real reality, but it is a choice. The only thing that exists is here. So the more you disinvest, from these expectations, and or these memories or stories, the better you’re going to be, the more you’re going to be present here and now. And you’re going to be having more a bigger and bigger presence, and therefore be more real, be more real towards the others be more real towards yourself. So this quite obviously, I have a call and zactly at the wrong moment. Sorry for that. I’m gonna put the the web sap out, here we go. Here we go. So I’ll continue. So that’s a very first step to towards more harmony. A trick if you want to say, Okay, how do I implement that in my daily life? I would suggest put an alarm on your phone, for instance, for I don’t know, every hour for instance, and you remind yourself what is this moment? Let’s be present to this moment. Now. What does that mean? And who am I in this moment? Am I in the past or am I in the future on both for that matter? Or I may just now in this body seated or not, whichever is the situation at that moment and taking a minute to be present to ourselves. And as I am doing it across time, this will start to trickle down and become a habit. You will become the is the experience, not just something that happens once in a while? Does that make sense? So far? Not going too fast? No. Okay, good. So that’s, that’s step number one. Now, once we have that, then we get into step number two, step number two is acceptance. So, most of the time, we are invested or identified to past and future, because we have difficulty to accept what is here now, whether it is accept ourselves, or the circumstances, whatever is the reason doesn’t really matter. Nevertheless, this is what is real, not this, nor that, this is the reality. So, by opening our heart, by opening our arms, do this, that is now, to this moment that we were talking about earlier, I start to accept myself and accept what is there now, that is there to help me love me show me, whichever is the situation doesn’t matter at the moment. So acceptance is a big part of the, the work you need to do in order to allow yourself to be not only more present to yourself, but also invite more coherence and harmony in your life. So that’s the second step. And the second trick. So in this one minute meditation that you would have won every hour, for instance, you can first be present to that this Now moment. And then very easily, except for what it is, whatever is the situation doesn’t really matter. Because that situation is, in essence, not only their reality, but also it’s neutral. I am, I am accepting it as it is without putting any color or judgments on it is just what it is now. And then I can have the awareness, right. So that’s another key word for awareness. The awareness that on this moment, I am I may be adding on top, some judgments, some colors, some things that helps makes me react on something, but by becoming aware, I am less raptured by it. So therefore I am more in coherence in harmony with myself. It makes sense. So that’s step number three Then step number three is a is a key. Once I have allowed myself to be in that now moment, whilst I have let go of or made the conscious effort of being here now and let go for the moment of these past stories or future expectations. Once I have opened my arms to this moment, to this presence of me with all my defaults and then you know, doesn’t matter. This is what I am, this is who I am, this is where I am. This is what’s happening now. Then comes and kicks in and I’m going to use another color for that because it is important compassion compassion for what is compassion for the others if that’s part of the of that now moment, compassion for yourself. Compassion for this situation that is coming about for myself. comes along with that gratitude as well if you want but it’s again, being present. Accept it. Be committed. should read about it. And by doing so, you allow yourself to release whatever judgments and colors and roles you may be playing at that time, that was more connected to some past of some future. And therefore, you are not in the reality of that now moment. Okay, so these are the three steps, and three tips and tricks, you can take them apart as well, it works. But if you want to have a continuity, you can have these three steps, one after the other, to help you win. So that also is helpful when you’re in the middle of a situation where you don’t know how to handle it. Right, it’s overwhelming. For instance, I push the pause button, and I go through this steps. Pause button allows me to say, Okay, this is now I’m here in my feet in this body, in this room or whatever, wherever you are, I let go of my expectations, I let go of my pastor stories, I’m here the most I can to the extent I can. And then I accept what it is what is now for what it is I becoming aware of my situation, and then also how I relate to it. And then I open my heart to myself and have compassion for the situation for the individuals that may be involved. But more importantly for myself. And that will bring automatically more harmony with yourself and the others. So this is a small a excerpt of the the heartful method that I can dive deeper into. But I wanted maybe to open to questions and then we can I can go further forward with with some with more graphics if need be.


Saana  17:32

Sure. So we have here Ali son. Hi, Alison, do you want to to ask your question or two? Sure. Thank you.


Alison  17:45

Yeah, no problem. I think my biggest struggle is acceptance, right? I have endless amounts of empathy for other people, and the stumbles they may take on their journey to where they’re going. And when I find myself in similar situations, I find that I am much harsher in the judgment of myself. So what are you know, what is your? I mean, I think we’re sort of programmed this way. And I don’t know if it’s women more than men, but I find a lot of our my female colleagues are very hard on themselves, how do we deprogram ourselves and get to acceptance because that’s, that’s my goal for 2022 is to start accepting where I am in my journey right now. And understanding I can only do so much I’m not a perfect, you know, infallible human.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  18:32

You know, it’s definitely a feminine trait, or female energy trade better set not just feminine. It is part so part of the dance of this life, right, is to end up loving ourselves. Right? That’s, that’s the journey. The journey is to fall in love with yourself and the world so it’s easy to fall in love with the others and to help them and to save them and, and to be there for them, etc. What is less easy, also, it seems, is to accept ourselves for who we are, and be there for ourselves. Funnily enough, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the others though. So and that seems counterintuitive, from a female energy standpoint, where the community is more about caring for the other as nurturing etc. And the list is long. And it seems that it’s more like I empty myself to serve the others, but it’s not the way it works. The best way to serve others is to love yourself first because once you love yourself, your higher point of energy or higher vibration and then For you are more in capacity to serve people around not because you have more energy, but just because you have a higher understanding of everything. And by doing so, by choosing to accept yourself as you are to have compassion etc, you are able not only to provide a, a higher vibration to all the other people that are surrounding you, you inspire them more. And more importantly, you connect with the higher vibration of them as well. Does that make sense? And he said,


Alison  20:46

Yes, thank you. That was a great answer.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  20:48

Okay, cool. Anybody else? Indeed, when Winnifred self criticism, you know, the thing is, there is something that is quite counterintuitive. Also, it seems so it seems when we’re in the ego, which is our journey is one of simplicity. It is one where we have to ease ourselves, we have to allow ourselves to be loved. And not the other way around. And, and that seems super strange, right? We want to struggle and hustle and whatnot. And, and we cannot believe that we could be loved for who we are. As we are, again, that now moment I was showing you earlier. Well, try try the other way. You’ll see it’s going to be life changing for sure. Chris?


Chris  22:02

Yeah, I just like to share our note, again, I know you and I appreciate what you do, and why you do it. And it’s interesting that we even have to talk about this as a paradigm of our reality as human beings, right? You know, if we can resonate from a place of joy and love and, you know, the positive side of everything, yet at the same time, we exist in a world that seems to compel us, you know, to focus on the challenges in the construct and everything and I believe it’s, it’s a condition, you know, we get to condition ourselves to live from the space, you’re talking about acceptance. And from my from my angle, a lot of it is gratitude, being grateful. Even in the midst of the shadow in the darkness, there’s it from my experience in my life, there’s always something to be grateful for just the fact that I can see or hear or taste or touch or smell or love. Right. You know, just I think that’s a big aspect of it too. What do you think,


Arnaud Saint-Paul  22:52

to your point the, for this world, that is surrounding me, so, this reality that we have every day right? For this reality to be changing all the time, and to be uncertain and to be a sometimes dark or inviting us towards more shiny objects to take that example. As we live in a dual world, there is a need of the country of it right. So, to that uncertainty or to that changeability, there is a need of Earth certainty or a change or a non changeability, right. And to change untouchability, etc. And that is hosted, hosted, that is our essence, once we start understanding that not from a knowledge perspective, but leaving it everything becomes much simpler. That yes, there is this world that is changing all the time, and I’m overwhelmed sometimes or or my thoughts are taking me for a ride etc. But the only thing that you can certain of 100% What ever the others are doing or not, is this i that i am and that I is the essence of this world of your world. And it does not change. The ego may take on certain facets, but the eye that is below that ego, that that pure love that you are that pure harmony is always there. And it needs to be there if you want to have the experience of change.


Chris  24:50

You know, it’s funny, I’ll reflect on that, as you say that it’s funny. I think about my eyeness Right. And all I know, all I know is what I know, right? I know I’m here and I’m talking and I can feel it, I can feel the feelings, I can feel the pain and everything. It’s the same time. That’s all I’m aware of. So, in the context of being completely conscious of myself, that’s all I know. That’s true is my eyeness. Right? I can see you, I can see your face. But I don’t know you from your awareness. Right. So again, back to that heart of gratitude and extending the fact that I have this essence of me that’s sentient and aware and conscious and conscientious, right? You know, it I am the only one I have a soul who was put into this body and how can you not be wonderfully, abundantly gratitude? grateful for that? Right?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  25:36

Yeah, holy. So we have Winnie Fred, I don’t know if you want to come to the microphone when you fret, but I’m reading awareness brings change, the more aware you are of yourself criticism, the more you can intentionally practice self compassion, gratitude opens the door to self compassion, totally. And that’s what I was trying to explain earlier as well. So I couldn’t agree more. Do you guys want me to continue on exploring other concepts? Or do we have more questions on that topic?


Alison  26:12

I was going to ask, while we’re on our own journey to self awareness and harmony, how can we continue to promote that to our team? So for those of us that are leaders? How do we even know we’re still learning, what are some things that we can do to inspire this type of self reflection in our teams.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  26:29

So first and foremost, you don’t have to do anything. That’s the beauty of it. And just one minute, helps you, I’m going to go further on from that. So why I’m saying that is because by you, allowing yourself to grow into more coherence into more love, etc, automatically, your vibration rises or your frequency, and therefore, the one of your team does too at the same time, because they are a part of your construct of your world. Okay? So that is, so by default, anything you do that helps you on your journey, will automatically help your team, your kids, if you have any, your parents, etcetera, etcetera, your partner, etc. So, that’s the beauty of that. Now, you can also have a more active approach, right. And, you know, there is there are these practices of mindfulness of yoga, etc, which are amazing tools to help us tune in with ourselves a little bit further. If you find a practice that resonates with you, as the leader, right, you can definitely invite more of your team to be part of that practice as well within your workshop format, etc. And see how many other people will resonate further with it. And there’s a good chance well, because they are part of your team. Imagine yourself as being an instrument, and all the other people in your team are instruments too. And you know, that when you when you touch a chord, all of a sudden the other instruments are resonating in sympathy. Same thing, same thing applies here. So find a practice, it could be mindfulness, it could be yoga, it could be just reading a few inspiring words, every every morning, why not? Or a practicing that, you know, we could communicate to your audience, this, this method here that having that as a practice for daily practice and our practice, if you believe that this is something they would resonate with, as well. Does that help? Addison? Yes. Okay. Other question or what? Let’s see. We’re talking earlier about. So, this concept of harmony is very much to explain here as well. It’s, so I’m going to show you a bit further. So here So that’s a self being that is here and has this impression of being i so i are no in this case. So, and this is these, each circle is an extension of this i, which is a reflection point. So I have the mental, so the thoughts that I am thinking, right that are showing up in my mind. So the mind, then we have the emotions, then we have the physical, then we have reality. Each of these are a series of reflections of the same i that believes to be our no or Chris, or Santa, or Alison, etc. Each obviously, I know is here, Alison is there, Santa is there, etc, each has their own world, so to speak. And we express ourselves against through our mind for our emotions through our physical self, and therefore also through our reality. And the whole game is to start getting back to the center. In other words, I don’t remember who was saying earlier about wanting to help others was was it Allison, I’m not sure that so therefore, when we want to help others, to our own expenses, for instance, that means that we’re here, and we want to help others etc. But there is nobody that we know. So we really want to get as much as we can, more and more present to this center. And this center, as you see, and I’m going a bit fast, and I apologize. But this center has two eyes here, there is the eye ego, which is the one I believe to be. And then there is the I heart, which is my essence. And we can be present to both at the same time. It’s our choice. If we accept ourselves as we are to get back to the chart earlier earlier. Does that make sense? I’m maybe going too fast? Who does? Fine? It’s fine. Okay. Does that help?


Alison  32:25

Yeah, it kind of it kind of reinforces the fact that if you’re not at your best self, you can’t you can’t help others, right? So how are you helping yourself is helping others, which is not really something that we think about, right, we think about service to others, but really, if we’re not at our full strength, we can’t offer you know, everything we would be able to offer. So really that self care, and that self reflection is almost more important than the service to others


Arnaud Saint-Paul  32:52

it is and more so, beyond your point, the better you take care of yourself. In other words, the more present you are the more so to get back to the graph I was we were having earlier. The more I am here now, that means that I have let go of identifications in my past, I have let go of expectations in my future, the more present I am here, the the shinier is my light in this moment, the the stronger the tune, like a tuning fork that is expressing itself here. The easier it will be for the others to follow and be inspired by this. And they don’t need any more to be taken care of. They just are taking care of themselves through that inspiration. Do you see what I mean?


Alison  33:59

Yeah, that makes complete sense. And it’s yeah, I never really looked at it that way. So it’s really interesting to see how you’ve laid it out in such a simple way that we just have overlooked.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  34:10

Yes. And that’s, that’s, that’s what is awesome with that heartful method that came together in the past 20 years is it’s 160. Slides, charts that are showing, or helping us to really rewire ourselves so that we things that seem to be counterintuitive, become dark. That should be that way, please to the beginning. Yes, Chris.


Chris  34:35

I just want to reflect so we talked about emotional fitness, mental fitness. And then of course, physical fitness plays a lot into that as well as we maintain these containers of energy that we’re responsible for keeping physically fit and you know, preventing disease and things like that. So I think that’s a big component of it to iron out. It’s just, you know, making sure that we’re active fit, eating Good food, right? Putting good calories and energy into our bodies, right? I mean, it’s that has a lot to do with to ISO, right?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  35:06

Yes. And to get back to the first chart I was showing you now do not forget that the physical is a reflection of the emotional level, which is a reflection of the mind. So it’s, it’s a game of mirrors. And what I’m meaning by that is that anything that may happen at the physical level as actually a source at the emotional level, which is has a source in your belief system that are active at this moment. So yes, you want to be fit and you want to take care of yourself, love yourself through the physicality and nurturing ourselves and so on. And at the same time, a go for the sorts of things which is to again, let go of the, the past identifications and the future identifications, so that these can be freed up as well. So that, in reality, this eye becomes the only thing without any circle, it doesn’t have any more turbulence or, you know, the mirror becomes clearer. And wait, which is where we are the best serve people


Chris  36:30

love it, I gotta tell you, that’s one of the biggest takeaways from this pandemic, for me is the whole COVID and the virus and everything. It’s in heightened my responsibility to be physically fit, right to be able to prevent any disease that might come in. So there’s a silver lining to the cloud of this whole pandemic is that you know, everything you’re saying the reflection of our embodiment of everything we talked about in awareness, gratitude starts with the these flesh and bone meat packages, right, we have to maintain a fitness through it’s that responsibility, I think to so thanks. Thank you for that.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  37:00

No, please. Any other question? If not, we’re gonna make do an exercise together? Well, actually, we’ll ask for someone who wants to come. Other questions. Okay, so no more. Okay, so we have 15 minutes. So there is one thing that we may be able to do it in 15 minutes. And it’s to help a person to find her vision. So the vision of her life, professionally, personally, so in 15 minutes to find what is the vision of your heart? And maybe that’s something that could be interesting to one of you. And by having that vision, having that clarity, that also helps to find more harmony and more coherence. So would there be some would like to, to jump in


Saana  38:03

at any volunteer? Like you can put your name in the discussion then? Or just take unmute your, your microphone.


Alison  38:17

I mean, I’ll volunteer if no one else does. But I’ve talked a lot. So I want to get other people to get a chance to talk if they want to.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  38:30

Thank you. Okay. Can you hear me? Yes. Yeah, I’m back. Okay, good. So who’s who’s going to be?


Saana  38:46

So we are waiting for once here. If not, I think it was.


Alison  38:52

Yeah, I will. I will definitely volunteer as tribute. I will take all of our nose knowledge that he is willing to grant to me.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  39:00

No. Okay, so let’s go. Can you come over to the camera? Or at least please,


Alison  39:09

I can try. I’m on my phone. So we’ll see how it looks. Now if you guys can see me.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  39:18

Yes. Can you put her Alison? Yes. Thank you so much. Hi, Alison. You’re good. You’re good. You’re good. Okay, so here the game is to find one’s vision. So what is your inner coherence? How does it translate into the world? Right? So most of the time, at least for entrepreneurs, they start by telling me what is the vision of their company? So I’m not sure what is that your activity or professional activity? Maybe you want to share?


Alison  39:53

Sure. So I’m the VP of technology for a commercial mortgage company. So we lend private Money for residential real estate investors. So our, we try to enable our customers to be able to, you know, gain equity and do their business as quickly and as easy as possible.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  40:12

Okay, so would you be Would you believe or think that this is your vision, your life vision? Or what would that be?


Alison  40:23

No, I don’t think technology is my why I really have a passion for sort of, in my industry, we sort of discard people that are at the end of their careers, and sort of, it’s really hard to get into our industry. So I think my passion is sort of creating multi level teams and tying those people with years of industry experience with incoming people to sort of bring in fresh blood to the industry, and tie those two groups together to show that there really is value in every employee. And there’s not this, you know, perfect, I think there’s this concept of a perfect employee. And I think that smart people that have motivation and drive can do anything that they dream of. Right? So I’m really passionate about employee growth and investing in a new generation of people coming into the industry.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  41:18

Okay. And so overall, whether it’s professionally or personally, in your, in your relationship with the other right with with people in general. So, you clearly stated that you are here to help people, even to your expense. And and would you say that this is your modus operandi, meaning this is the way you are overall, since the very beginning of your life?


Alison  41:54

Yes, I do find that like helping other people find what they’re looking for. It brings me a lot of joy versus my own personal success, right, like helping like opening a door for someone making a connection, and seeing them grow from that is, is fulfilling to me.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  42:11

Okay, so it’s all about giving and helping people to value themselves further. Yes, so just correct me if I’m, if it doesn’t resonate with you, and, and bring about a shinier reality for these persons. Okay, that’s, that’s amazing. So your grand Savior? I guess. Would you say that this is something you would like to do the rest of your life?


Alison  42:46

Yeah, I think that, you know, I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, right. Like, I don’t know what the next step in my career is. Right. So I think I’m trying to figure out what, you know, what is that next step? So I think this exercise is really helpful for me, because, like, I know what I like to do, I don’t know that technology has to be my vehicle. I think I could do this in any industry, right? Like, this is a problem that’s multi, multi industry wide. But I think a lot of times, industries are very cliquey. And if you don’t have experience in the industry, you automatically get boxed out. So what I want to do is be able to open doors to people that have you know, been gate capped out of certain jobs, or, you know, women in technology and sort of open those doors wider and open people’s minds to people are more capable of more than what we what the box that we’ve put them in.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  43:33

Okay, so I’m hearing a few key words here. One is giving you didn’t didn’t say it, but that’s that’s what transpires in any case, the other one is value giving value to others. And for them to, to value themselves right through their job. In this case, you repeat it a few times, opening doors, but it’s, it’s probably the same as finding value. But so you’re, in other words, you’re, you’re, you’re giving doors, so you’re giving value to people so that they can find value in inside themselves. And that seems to be quite a good representation of your core tune. Meaning your your core essence the, you know, the very fabric of your symphony of your life. And the one that raised you joy, and happiness and harmony and etc. So, anything that is going around that meaning that is fulfilling that core essence, is you working with those type or wherever, you know, so you’ll most likely visit nuances of that across your life. so that you have a more and more complete understanding and more importantly, experience of what it is. So that if you were to have another lifetime, if you understand that, if you like that kind of concept, then you would go into another type of adventure down the road. But anyway, let’s stick to this Now moment. It is about giving it is about giving value, it is about giving value to them. Yes. And more importantly, first and foremost to yourself. Okay, the reason why you are on that quest towards giving value to the other two for them to learn that they can do better, is because you crave to do the same for you. Right, as well. And it’s a beautiful dance, and it’s okay. And we accept it as it is. And we are going to step onward and faster doing so. But now we’re doing it both in parallel. We are helping others. And by doing so I’m helping myself growing and giving me and giving myself more value. And that seems uneasy at the moment. But it will is a lot if you choose to obviously.


Alison  46:32

Yeah, so empowering myself will help me empower others and, and sort of illuminate that path for them, showing them like I can do it. So therefore they can do it as well. And, you know, it’s furthering that message?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  46:45

It’s, yeah, that’s, that’s true. Can you see here? No, I’ll put it here. So. So here is i, right. And then we have the other here. Right. And it’s a feedback loop. So the more I help others, if I am aware of what I am doing, if I’m not aware, it doesn’t work, if I become aware, the more I help others, their growth helps my own growth. But I cannot do that until I have incorporated this. So that I can be freer from all the different belief systems that are weighing on me. Okay, and therefore I am able to bring them to a new place. Because I’m growing at the same time.


Alison  47:56

Right? Like if I doubt myself, and I’m harsh on myself and don’t accept where I am, how can I expect them to accept where they’re going to be and where they are in their journey? Exam learning so much are no, good.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  48:09

Awesome. That’s the whole idea. Awesome, awesome. Well, that was the exercise. Thank you. No, my pleasure. My pleasure. Is there anybody else who wants to jump on? Or if not, we continue with Alison. But we don’t want to take the whole No, okay, Alison, you can come back.


Alison  48:37

out, I’ll take everything you want to give me.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  48:41

So this is important again. The more you raise your frequency, in other words, the more you let go of the identifications. The more the higher the frequency of the people you’re helping in your team, etc, etc. It’s automatic. We may want to we may still want to observe that this this guy or that lady is not up to par on this or this or that. But this is just us judging the situation. In other words, we’re not here and now. The moment I’m judging the more the moment I am deciding this should be that way. I or not now. So it’s very simple. In in practice, it needs a bit of practice. So and this padding exists, because as I was showing in the in the circle graph earlier, everything that is in my world is a reflection of me in one way or Another, okay, again, think about these vibration and these instruments. Everything resonates with everything, basically. So if I, if I touch the a, another instrument that is that has a will resonate with that, specifically. And so it’s a world of resonance. So anything that I believe to be true will be shown in my thoughts in my emotions in my physical body, in my reality all the time. So in other words, the journey of AI is the journey, a cross mirrors, that is that are showing my reflections in so many ways. So it’s a 360 degrees IMAX experience, multiply by 10. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful journey. It’s a magical journey. If we allow it, if we accept it, not as a struggle, or hustle, etc, but letting go accepting what is because, oh, that’s another thing that I can. So let’s make a little poll here. There is a word in English that not a lot of people know. The antonym is very, very famous. And we drive our lives through that antonym all the freaking time. So I’m going to make it short. That antonym is paranoia. So we tend to believe that everything that happens in the world at every single moment, if it’s not, in my control will fall apart, something wrong will happen. I have to close my car in my house, because if not, rubber is going to come etc, etc. Okay, so there is another word that the antonym of paranoia, which states that the world is here to help me to nurture me to love me. The whole world, the whole universe, including me, by the way, but that’s when we’re going to hash this one. So does someone know in this audience that word, which is the antonym of paranoia, and please put it in the chat while Alison can say it, but the others? So it’s an English word comes from the Greek and yeah, it’s a very legit word. net growth? It starts with a C, yeah. It starts with a P. At the peak. As with an A to help. Yeah. No. Okay, so that word is Pro? No. Yeah. So like paranoia, which is against pronoia. It’s for. So that is a word that you may want to choose for your day to day life. And when you’re checking on the Anala moment, maybe you want to check, am I in a paranoia or pronoia mode at this moment? Is it fear or love? What am I choosing? And if I’m choosing fear, it’s okay. Acceptance. And then I can choose again, right? I always have the choice to choose again, and say, Okay, I understand I hear you, I hear that fear. It’s okay. Now, I’m choosing again, paranoia, feeling love opening myself to love which is in any case, our third step


Alison  54:06

Yeah, I think I totally if that resonates a lot with me, because I think a lot of times when I’m looking at decisions, I think about all the risks and not all the opportunities.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  54:14

So business I get it. Yeah, so risk is okay. Right to to assess the risk, etc. Does they have to be the ones that drive your decision? Up to you, again, it’s a choice. It is most likely a restricting choice or limiting one instead of an expanding one. And therefore, will lead towards restricting results. Now, your risk analysis can still be useful to me sure that that whatever expending choice you may make has the floor, right? So that from that floor onwards, it should work out, right. So, so it’s not that risks analysis is invalid. No, it’s just that it is a tool. It’s not your whole world the same way. When I say AI, today now in this moment, is it my mind that is saying that I? Or is it my emotions? Or is it my physical body? Or is it a mix of three? Or is it my AI presence? I Am that I Am. And from whichever place I’m putting that I, there is an outcome of that there is a consequence of it. And so if I put an AI in the risk analysis, and that’s the only thing that there is, or if I use, when I say I use doing it from a mind perspective, the mind becomes the only thing that exists for me. I am only that the ego we were talking about earlier. And it’s a choice where it’s not a choice, because we’re so much in automated pilot that we forgot that we have that choice. And the mind is there, it’s amazing, and the emotions to the physical to, they are tools. It’s not all that we are. And that’s the whole idea behind the work I do the book and retreats, to and coaching as well, to help people really remember who they are, who they really are, and navigate the world in a very brand new way. That leads to more harmony and more coherence and joy and happiness and love and and lots of beautiful things. But you know, very grounded, very pragmatic as well, of course.


Alison  57:08

Yeah, I think I learned that. It’s about focus, right? I think when we look at people in their jobs, we say, Hey, don’t try to do too many things. Because you’re not going to be really great at five things. But you could really be great at one or two things. And I don’t think we apply that to ourselves, and how we’re looking at the past and the future. But if we just focused on the now we’d be more effective and more cohesive with ourselves than if we were splitting our focus across multiple parts of ourselves.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  57:33

Yes, very much. So. Yeah. Because you have your energy dispersed everywhere. So you lose yourself. In other words, most of the time, the people that I see nobody is there. Nobody, there’s no existence. There’s a fear of existing here now. Whether they’re here, or they’re mostly here, and then some solid here, but there. And so it is all about coming back to ourselves. And to live this harmony, that is our birthright. That is who we are. Now we have it it’s in our hands. To us, really?


Alison  58:23

Were the only ones that can do it. No one could do it.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  58:26

Indeed. Indeed. So, yeah, this we are the only ones who will take care. Okay. Any other question, by the way? Thank you, Alison.


Saana  58:46

Thank you, Alison, feel free to ask her a question. We are about the end of this session. But if you have any question, I think Allah will be happy to answer to hell.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  59:04

No, it’s the silence.


Saana  59:06

No, no more question. Okay, so very interested to know. Yeah. Well, I can just say something very important that I learned today. It’s all about the give back. So the give back? Actually, it’s I think it’s like it’s in ourselves when we are. Allison was talking about giving she she’s giving value giving opportunities, opening doors, etc. So I think when we give to others, this value and this approach is It’s our gift that actually we are we feel, we feel fine. We feel like we are grateful, because we could help each other and by this way we help ourselves too. And also what you said I think it’s very important also it’s about like the mindful How how we are thinking. So let me know like how we are if we think, like we I don’t know, I don’t know how to say it in English as a common Golubac office visa? So if we have, yeah, so I or half empty the caps? Absolutely, or the crap or the glass. So it’s about what like, if we have the half of the glass? Are we thinking about to say, Oh, I just have the half of this glass? So it’s like the half is empty? Or we can just say, No, it’s, we have our athletes, like, the half of the scarf. And this is a we are grateful for this.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:00:42

Yeah. So


Saana  1:00:43

  1. So yeah. So I think when we think with positive vibes, and of course we avoid, we evaluate evaluate risks worse, like, like, for everything, I think there’s, we have to avoid risk. But if we think positively, then we spread the positive vibes to others. And this is our give back. So I mean, like, this is what I learned today.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:01:13

Okay, wonderful. It’s a good, it’s a great start, for sure. So, while you are talking, Caroline, and Julia, thank you, ladies for this beautiful comments. And it’s a pleasure to serve you. And hopefully this will help on your journey.


Saana  1:01:36

Thank you to everyone. Thank you. Thank you know, for for your session. So I think I don’t know if you want to share the book your book, too. Yeah. So if you have the you want


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:01:52

go to that website, You get access to the book you can purchase on Amazon. It’s $1, I think. And you can also subscribe. And there is information on the retreats as well. So yeah, the book is very, it’s quite special. It’s a journey of AI and to have. It’s the It’s experiential. It’s an experiential book and not a knowledge book. So I invite everybody to read it and let me know what they think about.


Saana  1:02:26

Could you put it in the discussion, then people can have it?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:02:29

Yeah. Oh, well.


Saana  1:02:31

Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, David.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:02:35

That’s wonderful. Well, thank you so much. And yeah, any question I’m happy to answer them and we can stay for a while and don’t have a problem. But we need questions for that.


Saana  1:02:48

Thanks. So Arnaud. Yeah, yes.


Alison  1:02:51

So how did you find? How did you find your why? How did you realize that this was the path that you were meant to walk?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:03:00

Good question. So when I was 13, I woke up spiritually, and starting to have an understanding that was not the one that was being offered to me. And shortly thereafter, like 716, I think I became obsessed by one question, which is, who am I? And I discovered Ramana Maharshi. Yoga was and I mean, I went through everything that was available in the human world. And so that started the journey, right? He was not necessarily clear what was my vibration and my vision as, as we talked about earlier, and only came 10 years ago, when I saw clearly that, you know, the path I went through all the different events and adventures I went through, and the things I cared for, like you helping people to serve people, right. So I couldn’t avoid the fact that it is when I help someone to open the heart to themselves that I am the most joyful. And if I can do that at scale a lot better because, you know, in the end, I also have finance and technology within the scope of what I what I do. So this is my thing, right? And it’s it’s a dance, it’s, it’s a beautiful journey. It can change down the road, unlikely but possible, and it comes naturally. That’s it does. It doesn’t have to be an effort, right? Right. Now today you had you made the choice of Parsippany going to this session. And you had great information. And then from there, you’re going to discover maybe another book pour another practice and that will help you on your journey towards something else, etc. And gradually, you will allow your world to help you grow. It doesn’t have to be effort based at all. Now, I was the sorry, just said doesn’t mean that there won’t be, you know, efforts involved at some point, et cetera, because we like to make things more complicated for ourselves. But it’s, it gets easier. Yes, go ahead.


Alison  1:05:34

No, I was gonna say is there was something Did anything surprise you about yourself? Like when you were taking this journey of self discovery? Was there something that came up that just surprised you that you learned about yourself in the process that you never would have learned without taking that journey?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:05:50

I’m sure yes. I mean, what surprised me was to discover a few years after so I, you know, when I, when I was young, I had some truths that dawned on me. And then I discovered them a few years after in books, you know, like Bhagavad Gita, and so on. So this is the kind of surprise I had. Do I, you know, in the professional part, no, I was not surprised. I’m, it’s, or maybe, I don’t know. That’s a that’s a tricky question. But I have been surprised, yes. Not just just not sure about what yet.


Alison  1:06:41

It’s okay for you, Allison. Yeah, I mean, I, I’m still in the middle of my journey. So I’m trying to sort of navigate through and trying to learn more about myself and what my real motivations are behind, like, I have sort of sub surface motivations, but like, I’m trying to dig deeper into what like, you know, what the, what’s driving those behaviors, and what’s, what’s really pushing me towards my mission. So like, I find, like, I’m learning surprising things about myself that like, new ways that I view myself that I never would have thought I was that way, you know what I mean? Like, I consider myself to be very dominant and very, you know, straightforward and leading. And the fact that I’m finding that my mission is like, serving others is odd to me, because I’m always like, out in front, right? So, but it really like my true passion is to like, sort of coach from behind the scenes like so it’s those are surprising things that I’m learning about myself along the journey. So I’m just interested in what other surprises people are finding along their journeys.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:07:42

Right. So you know, you can definitely be a leader and help many others through your journey and through your service. And at the same time being in the in the in the back, right, I mean, it’s not incompatible at all, I believe. It’s, it’s part. So, you know, we all come with that masculine and feminine energy, it happens that we embody, in some cases, more of the feminine, and some other cases, more of the masculine. But we still work with both, we still dance with both, we still live our life with both. And we use the tools of each of these of these energies, and polarities, to fulfill our mission. And we can pick which tools we want to focus on. So that we can a not only have the experience of ourselves, but also a find that harmony within and that we, there is a possibility that we are executing, you know, like helping people helping others, we can do it from a place of I want to be loved, and therefore I help others. That’s one way or it is my core essence, that’s who I am. And therefore I am a giver. And I do not expect anything in return. But I’m doing it and I’m doing it all the time. And I am showing the way to 1000s and millions of people or 10, whichever number it doesn’t really matter. So it all depends where you’re doing it from. Does that make sense?


Alison  1:09:32

Yeah, and I think I learned a lot today in that in order to to fulfill what I want to do I have to make sure I’m I have a singular focus and that I’m you know, I make sure I have self care and I’m focused on the current and not worried about the past and the future and I’ll how that all intersects and just focus on what is now except what I can and cannot do in the present and push forward from there.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:09:58

Indeed, just one Fine tuning. It’s not what you want to do. It is what you’ve what feels good to you to do. It’s very different. It is your essence that is expressing itself through this buddy of yours and emotions and thoughts and so on. And you’re driven to that. You know, yeah, that makes sense. You could call it fulfilling your destiny.


Alison  1:10:32

But it sounds so epic.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:10:35

Yeah, why not? Right? Let’s have fun. Yes. Wonderful. Anything else? Julia Janet, Caroline, Allison? And winter, Winifred? Winifred and Jane. Okay, I think we’re Hi, Winifred.


Winifred  1:11:01

Yeah, my apologies. And Mike, my, I’m driving. So my intent I kept on coming in and out. So I kind of missed a lot. So I’m really looking forward to listening to the recording. Okay, when I see my beautiful face, I mean, my car. But anyway, I’ll turn on my video just for you. So that’s my face. So okay. Okay, anyway, I’m in my car driving. I know us. I really believe there’s so much power in our words, I mean, words kind of set our intention. Or you talk about things like FAA, do you use it more than once driven? I like to think of it as being directed, you know, you’re being called to act in a certain manner. Because when you talk about when you use the word driven is, it it’s, it’s for me, it seems the word itself triggers cortisol, in my own head, is as if you’re pushing past, it’s like, it’s like something is pushing you to do something, rather than you being in control. You know, and it conjures an image of resistance. So can you can you dive a bit? Can you unpack it a bit more for me? What do you use? Since you are talking? Since you’re merging the spirit and the soul and the body? In this conversation, you know That to Find coherence? And you’re talking about the core of your essence, and being and moving from that place? Why do you use the word driven? Does your essence drive you? Or are you the one because it directs you and you are the one that makes a choice? So I would like you to unpack that word driven, because I’ve at times I’ve come in and out of the conversation of aid, you see the word driven? More than more than once, and maybe you’re more enlightened than I am. So I would love you to take the sentence.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:12:58

I don’t know you already divine anyway. The self driving, understand your question. So as we grow into more of ourselves, as we allow ourselves to sit and to be all ourselves, not just a teeny, tiny wee part of ourselves, which is that ego we’re talking about, then what happens starts to happen, it is that life starts to express itself through you. It always has done that, but I was always another mind of it. Right? So I want something but life is grieving is bringing me to another place and I don’t want that and it’s like, like a little child. So to what you’re saying when even when you Fred? Yes, it is. My Essence. That is that, let’s say that symphony of life that is expressing itself. And it is expressing in such a beautiful way. And I am more in tune with itself and more and more and more. I’m allowing myself to be at to be present to it. I’m not resisting any more to it. And which is a bit what Allison is doing, she’s opening up to it. She already had these ideas of serving people and so on. And it seems that her essence is about giving and serving others and life is going to bring her more of that in so many different ways. So she is driven by her essence by her core by her by her tuning fork, so to speak her unique vibration that brings about her a the gifts that she came with in this world to do Whatever she is her essence so. So it is not a, a mind driven, it’s not a mind driving. It is more about me being driven by life, the experience, the world, the universe, source, etc, Whichever name you want to give it. I think we lost Winifred, but she’ll see it in the recording afterwards. Hello,


Winifred  1:15:35

I’m seeing that you see when you look like the human as being tripartite, or you think in terms of the three HD aids, the heart and the hands. And when you use that, watch, dreaming is very intellectual, very into your cognition. But a spiritual person is looking to be directed from the inside. So you’re looking to be directed from your heart, that means that you have choice. Because if your heart tells you to do something, you can choose yes or no, but we use the word choosing. It’s like if like I, my children, see, mommy drove me here, the person has no choice whatsoever, but really, we have been given free will. So when we have becomes more and more spiritually enlightening, we have to also incorporate the choice, the free wheel, and see we were directed. That means I can choose Yes, for that direction. No, no. But when you see dreaming, it’s like somebody is like, you have no free will this like your, you know, this thing is pushing you in this way, or you have no choice, you have to do what is insane. But but that’s not how we are created, we’re greeted with free choice. And free choice is very, is about the the cognition, the intellectual, you know, so so we are directed from our hearts to act in a certain manner. And we make that choice that we are agreed to do that. So So that’s, that’s why that word driven, always makes me reflect a bit more. You know, for example, I talk to my children, and they’re like, Mom, I’m an adult. I mean, you know, I’m African when the mother talks, the models, word is akin to God’s word. Everybody has to listen. But my children are Americans, like Mom, we Americans, this not Africa. So we have to have this discussion about what you’re saying. So you see, they’re using their free will, the intelligence I’m making. By themselves, so I don’t want to, I think it’s something you’d want us to reflect on more. So I kind of, I kind of have some troubles with a word driven. So again, don’t drive me I direct me, I make a choice, what we


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:18:04

were saying the same thing. You know, your heart is bringing you on the path. And it’s always your choice to choose otherwise, or to follow it. I made the choice of following my heart. So I am driven by it, right. But it’s still a choice. But I always can say, No, this is not my thing. And that’s from my standpoint. And my point of view, most of the people tend to not listen to your heart and do whatever they want to do. And they forget themselves in the process. But that’s another conversation. So the heart is expressing itself through intuition through many, many different languages that are available to us. And then we decide not to listen, to take another take a different decision, etc, etc. A bit like what we were talking about with Allison, where we can choose a fear base or love based choice, right? So that’s what I was, we were saying exactly the same thing.


David Leighton  1:19:09

Thank you. Thank you for listening.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  1:19:10

My pleasure. Well, thank you very much for everything. I’m so pleased with the the conversation and the questions and thank you, David, for this amazing session. Thanks. Sorry. No, it was great. Let’s stop recording.

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