3 Ways to Find Harmony Within Workshop

3 Ways to Find Harmony Within

Feeling dispersed and troubled? Looking for more alignment in your day-to-day? 
In this 80-minute workshop and its Q&A with professional leaders like you, you will discover 3 simple steps to take to help you bring more coherence, balance, inner peace and flow into your life. 


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Why does the Heartful Method™ work?

Unveiling a secret we are all oblivious to before starting on discovering the 3 steps to find harmony within.


3 simple steps to Harmony

Find out which are the steps you can apply right away in your life. 


Questions & Answers

Through the many questions asked by the audience, we explore essential concepts to help you grow faster and achieve your inner vision.


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3 Ways to Find Harmony Within Workshop Replay


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  • 80 Minute Workshop Recording

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Appreciated your insights and perspectives in this Finding Harmony Within Workshop. Happy to connect and help as possible.

Roy C. Vella, Growth Leader

Just attended this amazing workshop. I can't wait to read his book "I: I is born" and start incorporating his guiding principles into my daily practices to achieve harmony within myself.

Thank you Arnaud Saint-Paul for educating us about the matrix map, and being present and more! We can then have harmony. I really enjoyed your talk and looking forward to reading your book.

Janet Tsai, PMP