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Who Am I Workshop

Who Am I?

Do you want to know more about yourself and let go of your inner shadows?
In this foundational 3-parts workshop, Arnaud explores with us some answers related to the eternal question: “Who Am I?” and how to let go of past traumas. 

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Who Am I?

In this Part 1, you will uncover a new understanding of your reality, providing you with a visual map of your internal processes. You can now jump-start a new way to relate to yourself and your reality on this new foundation. 


I am He -> I am Me

In this Part 2, we dive deeper into how “I” defines itself through the others, learn about some quantum physics principles and how it impacts our day-to-day, and, how to let go of our shadows.

I Am That I Am

In this Part 3, we remember how the process of identification works. By using time, simplicity, and presence, we can redefine our value and how we relate to ourselves, in self love. 

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