Are You a Stress Addict? 3 Steps to Having a Stress-Free Life

Ready for a Stress-Free Life?

“Are you a stress addict? Do you want a stress-free life?” These were the questions that one of my teachers in the recent past asked me after he had heard me talking about how stressed I felt and how proud of being “stressfully busy” I sounded to him. At first, my answer to his questions had been an emphatic NO. At that time, I thought impossible for such an addiction to be possible! When I started realizing my constant need of picturing myself as a busy and stressed person, just to appear normal, successful, and look like the rest of people that were part of my stressed-out world, I finally understood I had been a stress addict for many years thanks to the fearful, worried, anxious or even angry thoughts, that were, at least, ninety percent of what I was unconsciously creating with my brain that was running wild without any control from my part.

Is Life a rat race?

I certainly didn’t have the type of life I was dreaming of at that time. It felt as if I was competing all the time. But, competing with whom? Go wonder! I was convinced that life was a rat race and without even knowing how or why, I had become this stressed little rat competing with…the other stressed little rats, I guess. I lived as if my life circumstances were a given and I didn’t have the power to change them. While all this false competition was happening in my mind, my body began to feel sick, tired, and weak all the time and my immune system wasn’t working properly as I suffered from constant colds, migraines, skin allergies and acne, digestive problems and even arthritis.

I wasn’t happy at all. The more “” I would become, the more stressed and depleted I felt. It was definitely not the best road to my goals and definitely not getting free from stress anytime soon.

It took me a few years to realize the connection between all my internal stress and the external reality I was living back then. Everything was a mess in my life thanks to the type of thoughts I was constantly thinking, the type of beliefs I insisted in believing just because I didn’t know I could change them at will. What do I mean when I say everything was a mess in my life? To give you some examples, my relationship with my former husband was only a “convenient” one and were not happy together; even if I gave all of myself to be a good mom to my girls I felt there was still so much I wasn’t offering them; and I wasn’t living my life purpose through my career even though it was a successful one. To sum it all up, I felt as if I was twenty years older and had already lost the race before even starting it.

From Being a Stress Addict to Having a Stress-Free Life:

This transition was only possible once I accepted I had to change my thoughts and my beliefs. And for that I needed to learn how to replace my constant fight or flight response for a relaxation response that continues to grow every day as I keep getting better at living in a more peaceful way.

Once I began to learn how to be relaxed through the practice of meditation, my thought and belief patterns began to change. As a result, miracles began to happen in my life. Everything improved and continues to do so. My relationships, my health, and my career, only to name a few aspects, began to show my new state of mind.

After the transformation I have been experiencing in the last few years, as I became freer, this I know for sure: when you are stressed you are not able to heal, you are not able to live abundantly and you are not able to feel all the love that is here for you.

I ask you now the same questions my teacher asked me and which helped me so much to begin my search for a better life: Are you a stress addict? Do you know if you are addicted to stress? You deserve to have all the healing, abundance, and love that are the result of stress-free life.


3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Having a Stress-Free Life

So here are three steps you will want to consider once you commit yourself to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle:

  1. Identify the root of your external/internal problems or the causes of your stress. Write these down so you can become fully aware and bring to the surface what is ready to leave.
  2. Promise yourself you will find a way to transform the cause or causes of your stress. Do not worry about how it will be solved. Just know and believe it will be solved once you say, “yes, I am ready to accept, honor and release all that is no longer of my service.”
  3. As soon as you wake up every morning and before your day begins, take some time to practice the following exercise: With your eyes closed and your best smile, inhale and exhale slowly three times while you imagine the day you are about to experience. Visualize yourself happy, positive and abundant. Look around and realize that no matter how hectic everything seems around you, you are able to stay calm, as if nothing can affect you. Focus on your calmness and peace of mind. Keep breathing. Open your eyes and keep smiling. Now you are ready to conquer the world!

You are now ready to experience a stress-free life!



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