The Heartful Method™ Leadership Series Curriculum

Explore the Heartful Method™

The Heartful Method™ uses highly visual charts to foster a deeper understanding and obtain immediate results in your day to day life. As you go through our program, please keep in mind that this course is less about knowledge and more about your experience.

That is the reason why we are offering you as well:

  • Easy Techniques to use in your daily life as a trampoline to your growth,
  • a Community Space,
  • and a weekly Q&A to share and engage.

In the next 12 weeks, you will undergo a deep transformation thanks to a weekly 30-45 min lesson towards the beginning of the week. Arnaud will leave you with some easy-to-use techniques to use throughout the week. You will explore the power of your words and intention. Then you will participate in a 1h+ Q&A at the end of the same week.

Weekly Rewiring


Explore Core Concepts

Discover the core principles that drives your Heart’s world and how to lead from it through 4 videos.

You will discover:
– Basic principles of the human experience
– Your Heart’s world is made of vibrations
– What patterns are and how to detect them
– The 7 pillars of Heart Leadership



Becoming a Heartful Creator

What a Heartful Creator does when he is stuck in a pattern? You are about to learn the ropes, the most fundamental process behind the Heartful Method™.

You will discover:
– The concept of resonance as an essential part of your success
– How to transform your vision into manifestation
– The Quantum Emotional Compass to give you clear steps on your path
– The Heartful Method™ Process to free yourself from past stories


Choose your Quantum Reality

In this science-driven section, Science helps us understand how we manifest/experience our reality and can rest on the simplicity of the process.

You will dive into:
– Discover some fundamental facts and figures about your brain and your heart
– The scientific truths that undermines your daily reality
– Your life patterns seen through quantum physics
– Discover your point of alignment
– Your Heartful Method™ Experience


I AM, from Mind to Heart

Every single moment, everything you live stems from your “I”. What if our “I” could go on a journey towards a more heartful life? Let’s explore here the fundamental concepts that make it possible.

Some concepts to empower your journey:
– Clarity on the mind’s principle versus the heart’s
– Uncover the key to an happy life
– Reframe your relationship to yourself and the others on your path to Love.


From Divine to Human

This is where you are going to discover the foundation of your human experience, rooted in Arnaud’s personal experience, the most ancient spiritual knowledge, religious traditions and, of course, the latest scientific theories.

You will dive into:
– How consciousness emerges and becomes our human experience
– How articulates the human experience and all its components
– From a 3D to a 12D perspective
– Discover the Triangle of Awareness
– Go through the Quantum Reality Process™ and apply it daily


Being of Light

We never think about it but Light is such an important part of our experience. It actually may be far more important than we imagine! Let’s take a deep dive into one of the most intriguing aspects of our human experience.

You will explore:
– What is an hologram and a torus and how these elemental shapes function
– How does an hologram relate to me and my experience
– Discover the best kept secret that will help you make sense of your life


Our Matrix

You want to understand what is the framework of your existing experience? Uncover the very matrix of your life and gain more clarity on how all is interconnected.

Some highlights for this lesson:
– Discover the divine matrix and how it shapes your experience
– Learn about your brain waves and how it impacts your now moment
– Uncover little-known facts about your heart and how essential it is


The Journey of I

Throughout our life, our I changes and evolves. I am not the same when I was 13, compared to today for instance. What does that mean for today’s experience? In relation with others? How do we build up positive exchanges with the people we love and others?

What you will learn:
– Discover the different levels of consciousness and the Heartful Talk™
– Learn how to express yourself “heartfully”
– Uncover the impact Heartful Talk™ has on your life



Our world and experience can only exist through the expression of the masculine and feminine polarities. Let’s discover together a very simple truth: a new way to understand the present moment and the necessary interactions with oneself, with people surrounding us and life in general.

Some highlights:
– Learn about the core principles of your reality,
– What is different or similar between ‘John Doe’ and an Enlightened Being? – Find yourself in the map your Life Creation



In this last section, we shall confirm all learned previously. We add a few more essential concepts for a harmonious life and experience. It is also time to uncover some ground rules that help us ascertain the path to come.

Some highlights:
– How important is to be present
– Find out the 3 best tools to help you live your life to the fullest
– Learn (and practice) the 3 major rules that drive your life and reality.


“Thank you for your support, thank you for being you”

Mind-blowing experience to help me find myself and find my purpose.

– Chris Rock, Owner of Jungle Paradise (Zanzibar)

“It was so powerful”

This first session was so amazing, it stayed with me the whole week.

– Nodar Daneliya, CEO of Shuttle (London, UK)

“It helped me fortify and center myself in the middle of stressful situations”

I highly recommend it.

– Simon Severino, CEO of Strategy Sprints (Vienna, Australia)

In this present moment, right now, right here, there is nothing that is not perfect. Thank you!

– Robin, CEO (London, UK)

Arnaud’s expertise led to a better business strategy and a massive uplift in new opportunities and upcoming revenue

Abandoning old patterns and re-dening my own ‘life scenario’ made me a whole new person for ‘only’ a few weeks investment.

– Martin Ruffert, CEO @ioProjects, inc.

Bonus Included When You Join Today


The Questions Experience

This set of 8 questions will help you understand yourself better at a deeper level. It will also more importantly help you envision a new version of yourself to get to the next level.


You are the Tree – Audio

In this very special coaching session, Arnaud illustrates how to better your personal and professional life by being present to the tree inside you…


You are the Pando (Tree) – Audio

Let’s connect further together and explore our Pando nature as a metaphor of our social nature and spiritual one…


Live! – Audio

Through metaphors and symbolism, discover your new reality (and a new way to relate to it) as a way to communicate and live your new You…


Your Time is Now – Audio

Past, Future, what is it that we are looking for? Nothing like the present moment…


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