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From Identification to Freedom

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From Identification to Freedom

Your Triangle of Awareness

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Triangle of Awareness to Freedom

Hey, in this triangle of awareness to freedom, we’re looking into all the different things that you’ve learned in this workshop, which is about giving you the freedom of understanding whether you are more in your human perspective or in your heart perspective. So every now moment, you can ask yourself the question where you are positioned on this chart on this triangle of awareness. So let’s decipher it a bit further, where it is about. So here we have the very core the foundation on which you i is built, right, and this is the I am Ness, it is the heart it is the source, it is that unconditional love, that is the very, the very start of your being, that’s where you belong. And that’s where you live, but you have forgotten and that’s okay. And most of the time, we’re hypnotized by the upper layers, these upper layers are, let’s, we’re going to catch Kerry categorize them in three parts in three sections. One is this idea of I am this so I am, are no, I am a male, I am French, etc. So this is defining myself a little bit from that undefined state of love. And I become a bit slightly less aware, I slightly forgetting all that I am and just focusing on one aspect of it. And that goes along. Further, when I’m saying I am this, I’m French, for instance, with my partner, or I am the husband, and or I am the Father with my daughter, right. So I’m still a little bit identifying more, having a bit more less awareness, and therefore less freedom, and less love. So, again, I’m because of the process of identification, I lose myself further, because I am so engaged and identified to what is happening, that you know, we’re fully in it. Remember, you know, when we are in these movies, and we watch intently, the hero hearing, doing whatever they do, we are them, we have totally forgotten who we are. And that’s exactly the same process but in your reality. So then the next step is I do when you are actually doing something for your company for your person for for in your day to day you are totally in the in that action. You’re not inspired to do it, you’re in the responsibility of doing it or you’re doing it etc. And therefore all the rest all these aspects have been forgotten and you are in that doing this. So what if, what if you chose from now on to let go of all these layers and position yourself on average, in this IMS and define and be inspired to have that role or to have that doing from a place of awareness? That’s the amazing challenge that life sport brings to us and that here is offered to you to play with it and have fun with it and you know, explore to see what is best for you. Bye

From Identification to Freedom Q&A


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Juan Grey  00:04

I know Do you have any you have anything to say? Because I think it was it was I mean, it’s the one everyone got started with, with the Who am I, you know, and and tapping into that I know that asking yourself at different moments during the day, taking the time to be like, who am I being right now? Like, I know that I’m being right now. I can say I’m being like, even though I’m being me being different than how it was an hour ago before this, right, and then all that wasn’t working. Okay, how am I acting now? You know, and so, I think it’s such a powerful, powerful lesson. Can you expand a little bit on that?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  00:45

Wow, okay. I don’t even remember the first session that I


Juan Grey  00:55

did let me just okay, go go go for it.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  00:57

No, I mean, yeah, it’s the base of my teaching anyway. So it’s so good, I can’t figure it out. On the path on that path. I mean, the bottom line is, we have so many stories running at the same time, in our heads that the emotional level, physical level, as well as physical, it’s the fashion we’re wearing. The emotional level is how we are feeling and the ladies obviously, are more aware of that than the guys. And then in our thought processes, right, that that self talk that we have, and we we tend to give them more attention than we ought to. And, and therefore forget who we are. Beyond these identifications, and what if we are able to recenter ourselves and that’s a bit the, the idea of the exercise that I suggested in that first session, if I remember correctly, which is to, okay, who am i Yes, so I can be a husband or wife or an instructor or hosts have an amazing q&a right now for one word, if I can also connect to what is below that, what is undefined? What is the what allows this role or these roles to happen? So, beyond the identifications to the thought processes beyond the same for the emotions, or the physical? What is the you know, it’s like the, when you go to the movies, you have these, when we were going to the theaters, we had these projections of the characters on the on the on the on the screen, well, but for the characters to be and for us to have that story and so on, there is that screen and that screen is time and then that I takes shapes and forms to which again were identifying for us to create our own story. So, what if we are able to become aware of all these layers that have are happening at the same time in this Now moment? What if I can become fully aware that that AI is this and that it is at the same time, that role and this role and these identification, etc. and the love that is the screen is so to speak, on which all these impressions or these experiences are happening at the same time? Does that make sense? So have a question. Yes, please? Are we supposed to then, like detach from all of those things? Or is it just an aware awareness of it? What’s the what’s more than maybe a detachment but that’s an offense of something else. What is going to happen is you change your relationship to it. So instead of so again, to get back to the movie metaphor, when you go and sit in front of a movie, right? I’m sure all of you have done that at one point in in your life. You get enthralled by a story of an hour and a half. Let’s say we err, you’re becoming that actor, not that actor that character. And you’re fighting or having a romance story, whichever, right, and you’re crying or happy or stressed, for whatever the reasons, and that lasts an hour and a half. So you’re fully identified to whatever is happening at that time, within a very short period of time. So therefore, at a fast pace, hence the identification. So translate that into your life, meaning, that’s exactly what we are doing, moment after moment, with all the different stories that are layered one on top of the other woven one between within the others. In in all the relationship ships we have, including the ones we have, we have ourselves, which is the core one, right, so it’s first the relationship with ourselves, and then the relationship with the others that are a reflection of the one with ourselves. So by identifying to these stories, therefore giving them power, we forget who we really are at the core, and we give them the energy that allows them to do whatever they need. And that’s awesome. No issue there at all. Now, we may choose to become aware of that game of that dance of that play, because it is a play. In the end, we’re talking about a movie, we are playing our own movies, we are playing with our own stars and our own characters and whatnot. And becoming aware of the game we’re playing with ourselves. Hence, the idea of that map that we have in the first session and the following ones, by the way, and to allow ourselves to become conscious of what it is that we are really playing out every day. Okay? When that happens, automatically changes your relationship with that play. You select your shifting a bit, your play into something else, something new, something to be discovered something where you can become more creative than before. Because before you were raptured, into the script of whatever was the character needed to be playing, right. Now, all of a sudden, you’re getting back onto the director’s seat again, to take that metaphor, and you’re choosing this grip a little bit more. Yeah, it’s not about deciding what is going to happen in the next frame. No, it’s about playing with reality and etc. But that’s, that’s for later probably. Does that make sense?


Jason  08:04

I do have a question. I’m in the process of unbecoming everything that I thought I was. Okay. Okay. So at the core, I was probably a young child. And over time, I’ve had traumas happen to me. And traumas could be something major, it could be just the way that someone made me feel, and they just kept piling up. And I’m realizing over time that this narrative doesn’t always serve me, and it can be on autopilot. And it just whenever I meet someone new, I could be saying something that’s it could even be not even true reality. But it’s been built up to me in my mind over times. And I’m at a point in stage in my life, where, you know, the past three months have been pretty interesting, you know, speak to a different time. But I’m realizing I want to get back to the core of who I am, and why I love me, and why other people love me, apart from all of these narratives, and ideas and stories and bullshit at the end of the day. But it’s just getting down to the core of not so much how to change those patterns. How to make sure that once you meet someone, you’re shaking their hand, you’re saying who am I? And you’re, you’re going down to the core and not one on autopilot to say some other story that just doesn’t serve? Well. So that’s that’s my question. I thought that was very clear. But


Arnaud Saint-Paul  09:32

the question


Jason  09:36

is like, how do you how do you disrupt those patterns on a cost basis? How do you become what we built up to ourselves?


Arnaud Saint-Paul  09:44

Well, there is a short answer and the longer one, I’ll start with a short answer. And the short answer is one word. Love. Kind love yourself, love that person in front of you. Just open up, open your heart to whatever is coming. And there is no wrong in doing that ever. Right? As long as you first love yourself and then what is around you? Okay? So that’s the short answer. Obviously, when we are enthralled by whatever story is playing out that autopilot thing that you were mentioning more or the character as I was mentioning earlier is one you may not be aware of, this is what I need to do, because you’re into it your stick to it? Or if you are aware of it, right? Well, one way of of unsticking yourself from that autopilot story, that is that belief system that is active at this moment, that BS, which is belief system, let’s it is again, who am I? What role Am I playing now by becoming aware that you are in effect playing a role, you’ve got 90% of the work done. Because all of a sudden, you’re shifting your perception of your reality. And whatever is being with that individuals are these individual. And you are, again, once you done that awareness thing, then you open up towards more love and compassion towards yourself and you know, embracing whatever is happening. And off, you flow off you go you into your flow.


Juan Grey  11:55

I think that’s that’s an amazing subject to like, the whole, the whole topic of connecting and understanding where you are, and then almost like reinventing process, right. For us. I don’t know, do you have anything to mention on on this topic?


Jason  12:12

Can I just pause once secondary said, you know, someone recently said it was remembering you putting together who you are? Yeah, you can reinvent yourself, but it could also be your you’re creating new stories that not necessarily Are you? And that’s very specific towards this question. I’m like, once you become truly who you are, and some people take it for granted, you know, like you might be in a space right now, I’ve always been who I was. So for, it just goes this way, you know, you just you just flow with it. And some people have been damaged through life. And it’s just a process of remembering who that is. And I appreciate that so much, Sarah, that you brought that up, because it’s just, you know, there is a process that we need to go through, you need to reboot your whole system, done some breath work that like went into NSA tapped into DMT molecules. Or maybe I’m speaking to everybody’s done this, but for me, it was a interesting experience, but all different ways just to like reset the nervous system reset, who I was to get there. So just, you know, reinventing remembering.


Juan Grey  13:22

What’s the what’s the biggest challenge that you’re maybe facing right now? And how how, how can this experience really support you in the best way?


Jason  13:33

I’ve gone through in the past three months or 334 months is truly a self guided journey. Just follow my intuition. I’ve done absolutely everything. Like I’ve gotten recently to St. Lawrence River Island, Wim Hoffman, exercise, like there’s just so many different tools I’ve done to reset myself journaling, meditating, breathwork. Reading, I think I read a book every three days, like I’m just on this deep connection of refining myself. From there, I went to so many intuitive people connections like I’ve just absorbed it now, where I’m challenged with is I know that I’m too hard on myself. I’m looking too much for a result looking too much for an answer instead of just being and it’s just how do I be in such a challenging process for me, because I’ve always been in the business world, it’s always achieved. There’s always goals, there’s always pushed the limits on retirement, then make me happy. I became successful, but very sad.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  14:40

That I shared with you on the chat also my book i which aims towards helping you to have an experience of you and not just the knowledge that you’re acquiring. You seem to be in that loop of drinking wherever is the fountain I have knowledge in this case, which is a trap, as well. But it’s a great trap, because it’s a step. But now it’s time for you to open up to yourself and, and therefore, have an experience of who you are, who you can be and become now, right without the knowledge itself. If I were to embody in this moment, unconditional love, what would that mean? How would I act if an action is necessary at that moment? How would I think, would I feel? Who am I? And, yeah, to what Sarah was saying, effect, right? You know, where the secure world is made of feminine and masculine energy, that’s all that is playing out in this world, whether inside you, you have a specific energy through the physical body, right? We even have both in our inside ourselves, and all the stories of our relationships are an expression of that masculine and or feminine energy. And Jason, you’re saying that at the moment, you feel that your feminine energy is damaged. That’s an archetype you have been going through, you can let go of it anytime. Now. It’s a matter of your assets. Again, Sara was mentioning your essence is unconditional love. Now, how much do I sculpt out of that beautiful being that you really are? So that that emerges from the rock? Right? That right now it’s a rough rock. And because that rough rock means something to you. Now, we can let go of all the different bits and pieces that are not necessary anymore, as you were saying earlier, and surrender to what may come which is a feminine property, definitely. But it’s there in all of us, in any case, right? It’s just a matter of, and it feels super scary from a masculine standpoint. Because so let me share something about the masculine and the feminine. I, on my journey, I found a metaphor to each of these that served me in any case, so is just a sharing. So the feminine energy, the way I see it, and not talking about women and talking about the feminine energy is like a cloud, it doesn’t have any shape or form it that itself, you know, it’s malleable, it’s, that way doesn’t have a center, it’s super static, it doesn’t. So it defines itself through all the reflections that is around it. And obviously, it’s big. And now we have the masculine energy, which defines yourself through movement, it’s a narrow, it points to a certain direction, it’s linear, it has to segregate everything for it to know itself. And again, it’s all about movement, to gather these two creates what we call our reality creates you Jason usara, and cetera, et cetera, or media, etc. So together, they create our reality. And so sometimes we’re at the tip of the arrow, sometimes we’re within the cloud and totally lost into it. Sometimes we’re just in the middle at the junction of both and that’s where you know, beauty happens, or harmony happens. So that may help to again in the Who am I series we were talking about earlier to picture where am I in on that in that little image that I’m sharing with you just just a little two cents



right what a illustration of the feminine and masculine amazing


Arnaud Saint-Paul  19:44

it’s yeah, it’s more of a caricature than then a full description, but I mean, gives us a sense of direction in any case.


Juan Grey  19:56

James, what would you say for you right now would be what would be like one of the most Some important things or realizations over the next week, because I know you’re early, you’re early on into it, would you address to me that right now would be is a perfect time for all this?



Thank you.


Jason  20:19

Now, no, no, I didn’t realize there was a James, my apologies.



Oh, no worries. Nice to meet you. First of all, hats off to you want for your leadership and in pulling this together, and it’s not lost on me, as someone who organizes communities and lives in the space. You know, to be in this beta test group is beautiful, it’s great. It’s, it’s also challenging for you, as a leader to do this. I really respect what you what you put together. And my intention is to provide as much, you know, personal feedback, sort of, in this and I’m also like, because I organize these kinds of things, I’m trying to, like, be in it and not just be like, like the practitioner of communication and design and content. I fully probably last on in full transparency, last 48 hours, 72 hours, like binge on everything. So like, I condensed, you know, four or five days into cramming. And, wow, is my first reaction. That’s how I have a lot of words, I think you can get a sense. I, you know, I know like, wow, like, starting off with the Who am I is such a profound question for me at this point. In my, in my life and my career and my, you know, the titles that I wear, I wear many titles, and I feel like I’m in a personal journey to maybe unpack a little bit of, of like, how heavy it’s been to carry all those titles, whether it’s leader, entrepreneur, father, husband, and then to appreciate and love on them. And in a really unique way. I live in Hollywood, which is the land of storytelling. So a lot of this idea of Blackstone in Hollywood, I live in LA. But, you know, it’s the land of storytelling. So I live work and have one of the titles I’ve carried has been in that arena of business. And so the idea of, of telling a story and telling your own story is something that I know really well. And I think this idea of becoming aware of the movie is really powerful. I also like I have one of the things is, there’s so I’m gonna go back to one of the things that you said he was Jason, you said, oh, yeah, the Z. It was like, Where is a good note? I? Oh, yeah. So I’m starting. I’m starting a new movie, I’m writing a new script. And it’s, it’s starting now. It’s in the movie right now. And I love this idea of of reinvention and remembering. I feel like I put my head down for a large part of my my life and had a lot of accomplishments and a lot of trophies, and a lot of, you know, public accolades and public recognition. And so part of it’s important for me to remember like, Well, you did that you do that touchdown, right, you, you achieved that thing in your career.



But I want to do it in service of a reinvention and service of what comes out of the remembering exercise is a, you know, a new, a new version of myself. And so the work that I mean, the timing of this work is just crazy, because I’m literally in that in probably similar to you, Jason. And I’m in that process now. And I’ve you know, I’m no stranger to, to the, to the tools, the teacher, I mean, I know Joe Dispenza. Like, I know, I have all of the access and I always used to tell my kids and I dropped them off at school, like, you have everything you need to be successful. And I’ve done a lot of these things, and I do actually I’m like, grab your book. as well, because I think like, yeah, I’ve definitely been a fountain and, you know, drinking from the wealth of knowledge. And it’s been amazing. And I feel very privileged and allow the rooms I’ve been able to be in to experiences. And I’m friends with Theresa, it’s great. So like I even get as friends, you know, being friends of priests, I get to hear her, you know, all the time. And where I’m even like leading a, you know, a David DITA you know, workshop with my own community over the last six weeks tapping into feminine and masculine energy. And so we look, every year, I read, I read David data’s workbook, probably for the last five years, you know, so to have a moment to kind of put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and that this point is, is not lost. To me, it’s very powerful. To be able to have the space to put it all into practice into a new practice, when that probably looks slightly different than my 2018 practice and different than my 2020 practice. I know I’m embarking on a new transition, a new level of greatness, a new level of leadership, you know, a new opportunity to to, you know, do even greater things, I feel very fortunate that in my career, I’ve had these moments of reinvention, and I can look back on them and go, Wow, what were the things that happened in each of those moments, I started my career very early. So a lot of the foundation information of my ideas, and some of the foundation of who I am. happened early, some bad, some good things like this idea of like, who I told myself, I was when I was 25 or 23. Versus today when I’m 51 is is you know, I’m looking back and figuring out wow, who did I say I was then and I love your your? Sarah, I think it was you mentioned like, that was actually the the constructed identity, the proof protect, please. So a real introspection into that constructed identity and then a real appreciation of my real life. And, yeah, so that’s, that’s probably what I’m most feeling at this moment. What this work and this community, both asynchronous and synchronous, what it what it brings up for me is that I’m excited to do the work and I think showing up is, is as always been it’s It’s been half the battle, but being present and leaning in on it and actually applying the shit you learned. Like, I mean, it’s one thing to like, sit and listen to our nose, you know, lecture, which, by the way, I’m now going to go back and and do Sarah’s thing again, and actually prisa had I binge this morning, so I literally right before I jumped on Zoom, I literally just finished. Second thing, but now I want to go back and and I was even telling barista, like, we’re leading a David Deida work right now in our community. But like, now I’m like, damn, I want to go back to chapter one. Because like, new things have come up, even in this conversation. That’s what I said, your illustration of the clouds and the feminine masculine is really, really beautiful. Because I’m, you know, I’m, you know, in addition to, you know, leading a group that’s doing and I want to, I want to reflect it and feel it and embody it. So yeah, I’m very grateful and appreciative of just being in this space. And thank you one, and prisa. Thank you for for inviting me


Juan Grey  28:50

Thank you, James. Thanks, man, I appreciate that. And one thing that you said that I really loved was the awareness of that construct itself. And then the appreciation of of you right, of who you really are. And you and I connected very much so as from an entrepreneurial level, from very young, we were very entrepreneurial, had businesses then all these different things and and you start getting almost all these tags that you start saying, Oh, I’m this I’m okay. I guess now I’m an actor, I guess now I’m a CEO now, you know what I mean? And all the all these different things. Oh, now I, I won this award, I won. So it’s almost like this is and also when you start tapping into that whole thing of creating yourself, right when you’re young and you’re like, Okay, I’m creating my reality. It’s a lot about like, getting all these these things figured out and knowledge and and I like that analogy of that, that fountain of knowledge that you’re always you’re always going to remain thirsty in that way and you’re always going to kind of be missing something. Right? And so it’s a lot of it’s a are a different way of, of understanding and of seeing, at least for me when it comes to that grinding to try to be something, and I’m always in and giving yourself this. And I know that Jason also, just being someone who’s very business minded, entrepreneurial, too, could probably relate to this, that you’re always trying to expand yourself and all that. But losing sometimes that true that True Self that’s there. And especially when you start, you start trying to put a label on something that’s very hard to put a label on, you know, it can’t be seen, it can only be experienced, it can only be felt. And by the way, this book is beautiful. I had the privilege of reading it before it was before it was out. And and I think I was the first buyer of the book. And so and so yeah, so it’s, it’s beautiful, because it really, it really guides you through an experience when it comes in a lot of it is very poetic, and experiencing of the eye, which I think is pretty genius.



I think this idea of being a multi hyphenate I always say that, like I only really connect with people whose moms don’t know what they do for a living, I tend to like resonate with those kinds of people, because I’ve been someone who’s had a bit of a lot of careers and, and I’m trying to use the right language using precise language words, words matter. And also to our nose work and what Sarah said, just loving on the fact that I have had a I have a confusing LinkedIn profile, and that’s fine, right. And those things are, don’t define me, those are just like titles and things, and trying to both appreciate the diversity of of my career. But even the diversity of myself, I’ve always been in this sort of like undefinable, ethnically ambiguous, like category, and I’ve guess become recently in the last decade, really appreciate what it is and not get caught up in the confusion that the other person may have, when they look at you and go, are you this Are you that are you just read that. And I think that, that, at this stage in my life, and you know, I want to like own it, love on it, treat it, like a little, you know, like a little baby like this is you know, and, and be able to offer offering to the world. So no, I appreciate like, I think, I think there’s wonderful opportunities when you’re young and you do things, you know, and you have achievements. And then there’s like this, this this halo effect that happens being a young overachiever at an early age or accomplishing a bunch of things, there’s like, this halo effect, it’s great, and it’s wonderful. And it also needs nurturing. And, and to me, that’s where Jason was talking about the idea of just like, remembering, like, I want to remember and appreciate it, I don’t want to like, just, you know, I had these I don’t want to be like moving on to the next thing. I want to bring each of those things into into the next phase of my life. So thank you this is this is amazing. I don’t


Jason  33:10

know, because the past three months, if it’s just me living with feelings that I never lived with before. I’ve never cried so much my life, I’ve never lost so much my life. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable. I’ve never felt so much joy. I’ve just been going through all the processes that I never knew how to do. Okay, I didn’t like just give a lifetime, a lifetime story in a nutshell. So any type of form of abuse you can think of I lived through, I’ve drowned I’ve been stabbed through the heart. I’ve noticed this is three years ago, I was walking on the street. And you know, I got to be gentle with the story got two little guys right around me. I made it through my chance of life was point zero 8%. And I took it. So I’ve known how to fight always for my life. And recently, it’s more about making a shift of just attracting and it’s actually working. And I think it’s beautiful, but I’m awkward at it and I’m like, just trying to get through that that awkward face that uncomfortable that frustration of like, I go to do something I’m like, no, just sit and be and let it let it come to me and that’s you know of nobody talking about the feminine energy or or Sarah speaking with the feminine energy. That’s what it is and getting used to that. And it’s beautiful. But it’s frustrating at the same time because I have different gears that that translation or that marrying between the masculine and feminine haven’t been made yet. They’re the dialogue happening in my brain of one side and the other. Another like It was noisy. My life experience made it very noisy. And my only way of dealing with it is pushed through on everything that I did because I I thought that would be the way of pulling them together, but it was not. So just a beautiful experience of letting them both be an internal dialogue, letting them come together, and then live a different life. You know, when something is new, the byline speak in French, but you’re not, you’re not fully embodied. It’s a concept that you’re, you understand, you know, you’ve read a book, we all went to school, you know, think of when you went to university or college, whatever it is, and you go to do the job, and you realize, holy crap didn’t teach me shit. You know, like the era of getting through it. So it’s that awkward face, it’s almost like, I’m really I’m reborn. And I’m going through teenage years of coming of age back to myself,


Arnaud Saint-Paul  35:48

the underlying process, we’re all going through, if you think about it, is opening ourselves to trust. Trusting what is now trusting the process, trusting our journey. Trusting there, say it ourselves. How could we do that? Not possible, right. But then again, if I am to be love, or unconditional love, therefore I have to trust because there’s no other way around. And loving the others, trusting the others, trusting myself trusting everything that is. And that’s a non masculine way of being for sure. Because that’s entails to stay put, and accept everything and embrace everything as it is. But again, we have that feminine energy inside ourselves anyway. So not a problem, right? We have it, it’s there. It’s part of our essence. So not a problem. But yes, we have to make that choice. Again, and again and again, of trusting more and more and more. The first the very first sentence I put on on the website sent is harmony is your birthright. So yeah.



That’s crazy. Guys add something to that. Id Jay and I became a DJ a decade ago, and I’m on this platform called clubhouse and often use the space to DJ instead of just like talking about the business side of what I do. I’m also you know, an entrepreneur, business person, investor. But it’s funny when you brought in the harmonizing of all the parts, like I always say, like I DJ in seven different languages. So I’m playing like rare French records. I’m playing like, Persian hip hop, I’m playing like, Arab tunes, and like, I’m DJing across these genres, because I don’t want to be the DJ who’s like you’re in one format. I’m a non format, DJ. And so but there’s a story that’s being told, if you listen, there’s a BPM story. I’m in key I’m in chord, I’m like, I come from the music business. So I understand music. And I think that when you just gave that sort of beautiful reflection for Rebecca, it’s like, in many ways me DJing is walking into that one and I were talking about, like, giving zero fucks about what you think I am or who you think I am or like, Oh, you’re James, you just know hip hop. Yeah, I know hip hop, but I also know, Depeche Mode. And I know what where the beat from that Depeche Mode song came from actually. And, and I think that I DJ as a form of like storytelling, but also as a form of like, expressing the diversity of who I am, of where I’ve traveled. I always said, I’m equally as relevant in Abu Dhabi as an Atlanta and Atlanta, and even in Montreal, it actually is funny. Prince has been laughing I did a whole Kaytranada kick this week, because he was from Montreal, and like, you guys are all Montreal people. I love Montreal, by the way, it’s my it’s one of my one of my spots. And like, I’ve been DJing a lot, and I did a whole Kaytranada set the other night, just because Kitchener comes from Montreal, you guys are on Montreal. And but I DJ as a form of like, telling the world like where I am in that moment. So like, I might like get another I had to DJ because I was like, in precinct was actually one of the like, Go DJ, you know, because that’s actually how I lean into. Like, maybe when I’m feeling and the beauty of me DJing is like, I might DJ after we do the zoom right now. Like I DJ when I feel like I want to express through harmony, where I am, you know, and I saw the harmony and the music and all of that is so critical and so important and I appreciate you sharing the musical reflection. I mean, it’s it’s it’s really there’s such a relationship between music and life and I’ve been really fortunate to to live that and, and to help build that for other people and their careers, and I think I think this idea of tying in music and in harmony is really beautiful.


Arnaud Saint-Paul  40:12

And to that point, your life is your music, it’s your symphony, play it, for Christ’s sake, not go through the notes, just decide what the notes are, align them together, get into coherence and flow with it. And, you know, as just live it to the fullest. And it’s as simple as that.


Jason  40:44

I just want to interject quickly here. And the reason why I say just play it. Now, it’s that transition piece, it’s, sometimes you have the awareness, and sometimes you don’t, it’s like, I know I have all these things are gonna just speak for myself in a moment. It’s high noise and these things and I’m feeling the need to align. You’re absolutely right about, you know, the the fountain of knowledge. I’m getting to a point where I’m like, Okay, what do I do with all this? And how do I pull it all together? So it’s that that transistor plays piece that needs to come into play that saying, okay, that’s what that means. This is how this comes together. And PreSonus sing about the awkwardness, it’s like, hop, I’m doing this on my own here, I’m trying to like figure out, like, how to how to line up everything and get it going, because I feel it. And there’s no other words and saying, I feel it. So there you go on to the feminine, but it’s that transistor piece that I’m frustrated with, I’m like, How do I just get the goat. So that’s,


Arnaud Saint-Paul  41:41

please forget all your knowledge, forget it. And live. So when you when you listen, when you learn how to play an instrument, there are many ways. One of them is I go to the score, and follow you know, the notes. And then gradually and painfully, I figured out how you know which notes to key, right? That’s one way of doing it. There’s another way, which is where you start listening to the notes and how they relate one to another, even with the score in front of you, and you start feeling the harmony of it. And this is quite a key difference, because instead of looking at the knowledge to understand, right, from a mental standpoint, what I need to do I start feeling the path towards the harmony in that case. And for that I do not need anymore. I need to listen. Yes, I listened to the music. And then I played on my keyboard to take that example or guitar or whatever. And I feel the path between one one to one note to another. And I play with my environment is as if I’m sailing on my boat. The the wind is there, the rain is there, the sun is there and the currents and whatnot and I feel my way I know going straight not possible, is feeling my way towards whatever is the decision which is the journey anyway. Right. So, again, let go of all this acquired newness and the habit of acquiring. And be as Karissa and Sarah were saying earlier, yes, by all means that, again, it’s super duper simple. If we choose to, of course, we can have the journey as complex as we want. Not a problem at all. Nothing is bad either. But it can be superduper simple, it can be magical. It can be a symphony or harmony that is so beautiful that you’re going to have your mind blown away, which is the whole idea anyway. Which is to live through your heart The heart is simplicity is peace and serenity is compassion as Sarah was saying, it is for you to be here accept what is now accepted as such. Loving it for what it is, whatever that is, even if I don’t understand it, which seems to be unbearable. Why because I have been doing the understanding that all the freaking time doesn’t make sense. Does that but however it actually does make sense, but it’s a different paradigm. I understand that for sure. Okay. But it’s letting go of ways of being a I’m thinking of connecting with my reality that are very different. Yes, for sure. The good news is, it is again, going from complexity from many layers of type of managers and ways of doing things to be here now and accept what is love it unconditionally, love myself at the same time. And even if I don’t get it, it’s okay. I’m patient with myself, I have compassion towards myself. I breathe. That’s a novel thing. And not talking about Wim Hof thing, which is great. Just breathing the simplicity of what Sarah and Paris I was were mentioning earlier. That’s a breakthrough by itself. To be conscious about that. And seeing and experiencing the beauty of that. And finding the next alignment from that when James is DJing. I assume he’s not knowing even what’s the next song before it actually, you know, he’s in the last few seconds of the first song that he puts the next song. It just flows. So it’s from one breath to another, I get into more alignment with myself and I feel what’s the next thing and the next thing and the next thing before I know it? I actually already over there wherever that is, and I didn’t know beforehand what would that be? But I’m there and from that new standpoint, it’s absolutely freaking amazing what I’ve done. And again, we don’t know what it does what it is beforehand. So it’s letting the musing play you. In the end. Letting the harmony of life expressing itself through that beautiful buddy of yours. Who these beautiful emotions of yours for these beautiful thoughts of yours into whatever it needs to be. Because this is your essence expressing itself. Yeah. And this is the most beautiful and unique and wonderful expression there is in the whole universe. You being you. Because you know what, you are amazing. You are beautiful. You are Love. And also more importantly, you are loved. So much, so much more than you could think or feel even.


Jason  47:57

I can really feel the true unconditional love in this group. Beautiful.

From Identification to Freedom Workshop


belief systems, reality, moment, life, accepting, identification, physical, world, important, emotions, feedback loop, chairs, instance, talking, starts, mind, other words, question, shadow, choose


Hi, fellow Shadow Warriors, I’m Arnaud Saint-Paul. And I’m here to accompany you to lead a life through your heart. And that’s the whole idea to have a life to accept a life where everything becomes magical becomes easy becomes simple. And through using our heart as a leader, so that we can live the fullest life possible. That’s the way we’re talking about here. And I would like to invite you to take that journey with me, where we’re going to revisit certain belief systems that will enable you to adapt and adopt these systems into your daily life. And by doing so, you’re going to be able to open up to a new rearm of possibilities. So what is the title of that first lesson out of three and this is, let me remind you, this is a level one. But if you can adopt these first principles, it will carry you for a very long time to start with. And also, let me insist on the fact that these principles you’re going to learn are very important. These are axioms on which you want to base your life on this is fundamental, if you want to make a change in your life. So the title of the first lesson is who is I? So everything starts all your different experiences. Start with who is I? I! is the place where we all start from, right. And there is a subtitle to it, which is the matrix map. So what is the map of your matrix of your world? How does that work? It has the question we’re going to try to answer to. So it all starts with the eye here. And that eye helps us to have all the experiences we have in the day to day basis, right? They help us to it helps us to focus in this Now moment in this presence in this space and time. And from there, allows me to have these experiences that helps me to know myself. So this I is surrounded by several circles. The first one, we’re going to put an end here, the second one and II third one, A P and the fourth one, an R that sounds bizarre, right? So these are different lenses, and we’re going to go into them in to each of them very soon. Right? These are lenses for AI to know itself. I’m sure you know that expression Know thyself. While this is the journey on which we are and through these lenses, we are starting to be able to make that journey towards ourselves. So let’s jump into what it is all about. Right? So. Let’s start with I here, so I I, me, Arnaud, I am, right? And Sophie, John etc. We all are, right? And each of us have that unique point of view that unique angle that allows me to say I that I is unique, again. It is you you are the amazing, unique being that you are and it all starts with I. Yes, it is the Ego. Sure, but it also a lot of beautiful things. And I’m sure you would agree with me on that. So this I for it to happen, and for it to have that unique angle, that unique point of view, it needs certain lenses. And we’re going to start with the first one as it should be right so that I for it to work needs a first lens. And if you remember we said an M here and this is the lens of the Mental of the mind, we usually locate the mind here in the brain, yes. However, it is not just there, it’s surrounding us a bit like this circle, imagine it as an energy field, surrounding me in this case, and it creates a certain way of perceiving the world, it’s so to speak, and brings about all the different aspects of myself that I am looking at so helps me to have a focus. So yes, in the mind are the thoughts but also the attention that I’m bringing to the world around me. So as you can imagine, this is a first step that is very important. deriving from it, we have the second circle, or second lens, which is E, which stands for emotions. And that body or that lens, is also as important as the first one. I mean, if we were to have only the experience through the mind, it will be kind of a black and white experience, very data form oriented, if you will see what I mean, the emotions bring the color, it brings life, to our experience, and they are as essential as the first one. But they have to go one way or the other, and vice versa, obviously. And if we look into the world with that masculine and feminine energy, we could say that the feminine has usually has a more a better understanding of the emotional world, while the masculine energy has a better understanding of the mind world, and is all about balance and having that balance together in our lives. So these two are super essential, but they cannot work without the third one, what would be the third one would you say, starts with a P? Well, the physical lens, so the physical body allows these other three lenses or bodies to have that focus that presence in that space time continuum, it enables us to have that unique sense of presence in this very moment. So that I can know itself. So then I can start to have a better understanding of itself. And the only way that for that to happen, is not only to have that, seeking that alignment between i The the mind, the emotion, the physical, but more importantly, to use it, or to use that fourth circle, as a feedback loop. That fourth circle that are that I’m writing here is that in dispense indispensable feedback loop, that this, which is AI, also is able to understand itself, better to experience this stuff in a new way. And that R stands for reality. And that reality, which is the environment that the physical vehicle, along with the emotional and the mind, vessel, are able to, again, have its own experience of itself. So it’s, it’s can be the objects, but also the people, the situations, the events, all the conversations I may have with people, that enables me to really have that journey of not only the action reactions, you know, someone say something and therefore I have to say something else, etc, whether it’s at the emotional level or the physical level or at the mental level. And by doing so, I have the ability to make a choice. And this is a very important aspect by having that vessel composed of these three layers. By having that place where I am located in a specific space time continuum. I am sure Using, I’m allowing myself to make choices. Again, in a very simple example, my partner is coming in, she or he says something, and it’s a bit of a raw time right now. And all of a sudden, I have to react to it, emotionally speaking, I do have a choice there to react out of fear, or out of love. Is it a reaction on autopilot, you know, he or she hurts me, and therefore I have to hurt back, for instance, or to take the higher ground and say, Hey, I don’t want to play that game anymore. I want to do this, for instance. Again, these are just example. So by choosing to accept, or to refuse, to judge, or to embrace, we have the ability to reinforce our journey towards ourselves. And, again, that’s the concept of the feedback loop provided by the reality surrounding us, which is a mazing reflection, like in a mirror of this, let me take another color of this. Skin of ours between quotes, right, so through the alignment, or the expression of these three layers, which are all three conscious layers, by the way, okay. By having that journey towards myself, where I’m able to tune in each aspect of myself, where my thoughts are aligned with my emotions aligned with my physical, where I can play my symphony of myself, obviously, at first is not as easy as it’s, as it seems, right? You know, I’m talking about that. But it doesn’t seem to be easy, it will get easier as you go. But to start with, right, you have these thoughts or emotions are a bit about fighting with whomever is here in the front of you, you have that choice of opening up or closing down. And therefore you may want to have a specific action that will reflect that choice. And therefore whatever is playing out here will react according to that. And that only happens that reaction only happens within the scope of what is allowed by your belief system held in your mind, in your emotions, and your physical vehicle. And so that allows you to help you to gradually if you choose to let go of the identification to a specific topic that may be held within your energy field. So understand, first step, let’s you know, we capital that the only understand that you have these studies playing out every now and then we’ll get back to that later. But also that you have the ability, if you choose to the consciousness of choosing any action or reaction you may have. You are not conditioned by anything, or by anyone but yourself. And so by starting to see reality, as more as a playground, more as a way for you to dance with yourself, to play with yourself, and to see, hey, that person said this and that and what would have happened if I had said this other thing, for instance, that could be interesting. And then you start not only can you play it in your mind, but afterwards, you can start applying it right with other people. It’s the same thing. So by starting to play with your own reflection, you enable yourself to fine tune your alignments, because one thing you may have understood is that well, yes, there is a feedback loop between the physical and the reality, but there is also another one beat between the physical and the emotional, and between the emotional and the mind. And obviously, between your own perception of yourself and your mind. Okay, so each is supporting each other. And it’s called resonance. So if there is one thing you have to remember of this whole lesson is that everything is about resonance. Whether it enters into resonance with myself, in other words, whether I’m attracted to it, or if it’s in this resonance, aka in cacophony, right, where it is in dissonance, that’s the word I was looking for. And if it’s in dissonance, therefore, there may be something that needs to be corrected. Right? So for instance, maybe my mind and my physical are aligned, like, for instance, I have the thought of taking that mug, I take it, but my feeling is that I don’t want any tea at the moment. So there is a bit of dissonance there. So what what happens, what’s the choice, right? So apply to something a bit more important, you would say? How can I gradually allow myself to align my thoughts, my belief systems, my emotions, my physical actions, so that I leave in its state of constant harmony. And that is a very important aspect as well. So you will discover as you grow your vibration, that by aligning the mental, the emotional, the physical, by tuning in with yourself, by allowing yourself to be more of yourself, accepting more of yourself. By doing that, you find not only that inner coherence, inner harmony, I would say that fosters more peace, joyfulness, happiness, etc. But more importantly, you will see your reality entering into congruence with that new system of yours, where it’s not only just the mental, the emotional, the physical, that are in harmony, but also reality as well, where reality brings you the gifts that have been stored for you, but you were not ready to receive them. Why? Because you are still in dissonance with yourself, right? So we’re talking about Shadow Warriors shadow is really related here to dissonance. You really want to help yourself to find these shadows. And replace them with residents. How do you do that? Well, at first, you basically start to dis identify with them, right, you may find one shadow or another, which are something you’re focusing on that is bothering you, it’s no, I don’t accept myself as this or that. And by looking at it, by becoming aware of it, I’m starting to the journey towards more resonance. So the faster is gonna go, it’s gonna go where the fastest you wanted to, by accepting who you are. That’s the key. The moment you accept who you are, the moment the shadow disappears, guaranteed. And by allowing yourself to choose to let go of that shadow, you all of us have a clear path towards more alignment between these emotion the mind and the physical because just so you know, these shadow is it’s, it’s, it is there in your mind, in your emotion in your physical in different ways. And the deeper the shadow or the the oldest a shadow, the more physical it becomes. The lighter it is, the more mental it’s going to be. By the way, yeah. All that we’re talking about, is very interesting. But why would I do that, right. And that’s where it becomes very interesting, because on that journey, where you start to disidentify with yourself, you start that journey or of becoming, or opening up better said to your heart. And in other words, you start the journey from the eye that is ego that is identified with the mental, the emotional, the physical, and reality, you know, that ego that is whether super about fits, you know, fitting and, and fashion and all that so, very much there in the physical, or that is all about relationships, and, and are very, very emotional, or more about maths and data on computers, and just that nothing else in were there for the physical and emotional does not exist. And therefore, that’s, again, the eye being identify with a specific aspect of itself. Awesome. Great, amazing. Now, on that journey towards more resonance, and therefore less identification, repeat after me. We get into a new aspect of ourselves, we discover we better said we uncover the eye. So what is that concept that I, I is where the eye is a reflection of itself. Again, we’re talking about reflection, like in the mirror, resonance, all these are important aspects of your new experience, the one where you start to understand that life is made of vibration, it is light, it lies that reverberates that resonates with things where I can see myself in the mirror throughout this beautiful world of mind of mine, sorry. So that I that I that is identified is the outer version, and smaller version of that underlying I, the self. That is all that I am. And to gather we’re talking here about this world. So in other words, this is when I say I am are now Yes, it is true. And I am are no and all that is around me. This is I too. I don’t know if you see where I’m heading towards here. But I becomes part of the flow, instead of have being the either little drop of the ocean of water, I become part of the ocean and I am the ocean. And we are all together. The ocean that drop etc. Instead of being the little particle that is isolated, isolated that the mental level real thoughts, the emotional level, or my, you know, all the emotions, and then the physical level. And I’m alone. I’m opening up, I’m opening my heart, and all of a sudden I’m surrounded by love. I’m surrounded by a reality that is here to love me and support me and nurture me. And this is in your capacity to choose. You have that ability. Now. It may take a little while to get there, but you can do it. So what does that mean? It means that it’s a bit like going from the eye here, up to the big eye, which actually is already there. And that’s very important. Also another concept that that eye is not something you want to attain. It’s not about enlightenment in the sense of something absolute that is out there that I want to get at at one point I do another, it’s more to ease back. It’s more to allow simplicity to start in your life. It’s opening up to love, love the others loves yourself accepting all that you are. So that I hear that love that hearts, that is the very first organ, if we look at it from a physical standpoint, that exists for you to be that love that is the one that is has created you for your mother, for instance, and your father. This love is your core essence, this is your core essence, that through these magical mirrors of life enables the creation of the existence of that little eye that is just one specific angle that is playing at coming back to itself. And we can go over next times on the why of that, which is also amazing. Likewise, to give you another understanding here or another angle of the same information, right? If we look at the brainwaves across time, so zero to two we have. So I think it’s theta, delta, alpha and then beta. Okay, so we started with theta, if I’m not mistaken. And then from two to seven, we have a delta here, and you’ll see the that’s the level the frequency level. So, lower frequency here, then we go as we grew up, higher frequency, then we have alpha to 12. And then it goes up and then we have three betas. And most of the time we are there. In other words, we are so ensconced, so identified with this outer world here, through one of these three vehicles, or the other, the combination of the three, that we are totally forgetting that, so we’re here, they’ll still I, but the I that the big eye is there. And it is underlying all this. But we’re so identified with a bigger coarser vibrations that we have forgotten that. So the name of the game here is to accept who you are to let go of all these identifications to all these aspects of yourselves. And you will see, you will gradually becoming more present to these new aspects of yourself. That is love and only love, you will be surrounded by love. So to finish it up, I’m going to share with you a little exercise that I want to share and that you would like you to practice every every day. Now this one here we go. So every hour or so, I’d like you to put an alarm on your phone. And ask yourself one question. Who am I now always with this idea that I you know, there is that little map here. And that little map will is helping me to remind myself that this is the new framework I’m accepting for my life. Right? And by asking that question, you’re going to have the opportunity to answer it and I would like you to join it as much as possible. It can be Who am I now? It could be I am a teacher right now or I’m teaching this and this and that while I’m you know, doing some work or whatever. Or who am I now I feel Bad for whatever reason, etc. Okay? It can be one word, I can be a few sentences, whatever comes to your mind at that moment without judging is important without judging just stating, who am I now to start becoming, again, more and more present to which aspect of me is playing out this moment. And you can have another little game related to that, which is in parallel to this or in substitutive to it, you could state Okay, who am I now? I 20%, physical 60% emotional and that out 20%. Mental. And then you take these percentages across time, and you’ll see how that goes. That helps you again to figure out where am I on the map of myself? What does that mean to be me. By doing that, you will be able to start having a bigger awareness of yourself, starting to be more conscious about your own choices, and hopefully having more clarity on who you want to become. So with that, I’ll let you do your homework. And she please share that on our group on in the q&a. And I look forward to working with you next week, we’ll go into how to create a quantum world of yourself. That’s going to be very interesting to and well, very happy. I hope that was helping you and I’m really looking forward to see you in your greatness within. Bye for now. Welcome Shadow Warriors, today we’re going to go through a new lesson. I hope you remember the last one, we’ll get over it again, very quickly. So the title of this one is I am. Key. I, me. So seems to be a bit cryptic. But I’m sure you’ll understand by the end of this lesson, what I mean here. So just to recap it in a bit what we talked a bit last time, because we’re going to need it for this one as well. You remember we have this little dot here, which is I and then around that we have circles, the mine the emotions, the physical, and what we call reality, right? So the P and the E here and the mind here. So this is important, because today, we’re going to use it in a new way. So we’re going to use that same chart, but in a 3d. And I’m don’t know you guys, but I’m not really good at that. So we’re going to do our best with it. So imagine that to the chart. But looking at it from this angle. Let’s put it that way. So let’s say if I put my eye here. How would that look like? And so let’s start, let’s figure it out. So we have that little dot here. I, which by the way, if you remember, is also I write and if you look at it, well, it looks like like an H, we’ll get back to that in a second. So we have the eye here. And then we have the mind. And then we have the emotions. And then we have not that bad actually. So we have here, the physical. And then we have they’re more or less the reality. As you can see, it’s a bit like this. So the point of origin, the singularity point is AI. Of course everything starts with that right? And it is also that age that hearts. That’s the very first organ that is born in this lifetime, when we are being conceived in our mother’s womb. So this gives birth to the whole All reality that is around us. And that’s where is the beauty of what we call life as well as its own shadows. Right. And so this, as I, as you mentioned here, is giving birth to the mind, which gives birth to the emotions, which give birth to the physical reality, which gives birth to the reality. Obviously, everything is intertwined. So it’s not a linear, a approach is more of a resonance approach, right? So it’s not mine gives birth to emotions, but both are existing together, for one to exist with the other, we are in duality world here, in this AI segment of our essence, the we are in a unified world. So we don’t need that to exist, however, to have the human experience. This needs to happen. Right. So this allows us to separate ourselves from ourselves, so to speak, and have a unique experience of ourselves in a very specific angle, a very specific point of view, as I was drawing earlier, the eye, the eye has one direction, right, it doesn’t see everything at the same time, he just sees one direction. And therefore same thing here applies the mind with his belief systems with its thoughts has selected a specific area on which we want to focus, whether it is every moment, or it is throughout our lives, or throughout the specific period of our lives, etc. So for instance, the mind has decided that I have to be a husband, and have many, many kids, which is amazing. And this is the role I want to play. So I’m playing that, from my perspective, and therefore from an emotional perspective, therefore, from a physical perspective, and therefore in reality, okay, so, and that applies to absolutely everything in your life. What I mean by that is, the, all the different situations are different beliefs are being played out throughout these different layers. And we’ll get back to that later anyway. So that means also that before playing out a certain belief system, which is one of the stepping stones of your experience, you have chosen a specific orientation of that belief system that for instance, a, I don’t like chairs, when for whatever reason, I prefer so fast. And that’s my thing. I don’t like chairs. This is a belief that we’re the universal reality, or, you know, that feedback loop we’re talking about is going to bring back to you on asking the question, do you really don’t like chair? Would you prefer so fast, really, for the rest of your life? Or maybe Can I interest you in a chair that is read? Ah, maybe that’s interesting. So you say, and then you start to reconsider that belief that chairs are not good for you, and you start to accept them. Whether accepting the fact that you are, you know, really indifferent to chess, and you don’t want them in your life or accepting the fact that you know, you’re ready to change your your belief system and therefore, to something else, why not right. So, this is again, a feedback loop that allows you to know yourself better. And from here to there, from there to here, or vice versa, at all levels at the same time, in different ways, right, the mind will, will react in a specific way the emotional body as well and the physical body as well. They are not necessarily fully aligned in their way of reacting to a specific situation. Now, they can choose slightly different angles, because of their core nature, their essence is slightly different from one from the other. However, as you go along on your path, you start to assimilate and align them further and further tuning them together, and they become one. Right? So in other words, as you go on your path on your journey towards through life, you start to invite this world that is made of duality into the world and one In this, I hope you get what I’m saying here. So, how do we do that? Well, as I mentioned earlier, we have one aspect which is a, that feedback loop here, right? That is brought through reality as a, a test run, I guess, a, of the different beliefs that are that feel important to you. And through which you are defining yourself, meaning you are identifying with whatever is that belief. So again, my chairs, I’m a firm believer that church chairs are not good for humanity. This is my thing. And I’m an anti chair, manifester. And I do not want chairs in the world. And I will advocate for it, etc. So as you can see here, compared with someone else that you know, don’t really care about chairs. Well, that first individual D identifies to the need of no chairs in the world, it becomes so much ingrained that it can only live through that lens. And that’s okay. That’s a beautiful journey. However, the universal reality will invite him to say, hey, maybe, maybe there are other things than chairs in the world? Or maybe there are chairs there. Well, that’s really our, you know, should be of interest to you. So how about that chair? And that chair? If it continues to say, no, is it okay, no problem, we may continue to come back later. But right now continue with your no chair world, not a problem at all. So as you can see, again, it is all about testing these beliefs and to make an app partake here, I don’t know if you know, that quantum reality, a experiment called the double slit experiment, which, basically you so this is an IRA on board, and then you have two slits here, and the light goes through it. So a beam of light, let’s represent it with a prism here. A beam of light goes through there. And out of that, a board out of these two slits, we get on the screen here. Seven slits. And that’s fascinating. Well, from a technical standpoint, or a scientific standpoint, fascinating, yes, and I will not discuss that. What is fascinating also is that the theory I have and that I have seen in my own life and people that I work with is that you could consider this as also a belief system tester kind of thing. What I mean by that is to get back to our chair guy, or lady will be more smart for that. The if the core belief is being expressed, you know, in the biggest slit here, it will before it starts to activate, it will come as a testing question three times before. And before it starts to dis activate, it will ask the question again three times do you really want to do it or not do it in that case. So in other words, we have the same kind of behavior that is happening before entering into a specific pattern related from a by a belief system. And before accepting it as well. So when you have a new pattern that is being chosen, the the old pattern is asked three times do you really want to get out of it? And while the same thing happens for the new pattern three times do you really want to get into it, right? So you really want to dance with that really want to observe that beautiful dance where things start to unravel on one side while they are starting to intertwine themselves on the other and, and have that patience as well with that process for that process to happen. Right. So this is interesting to notice. This is a bit of a an anecdote, but it is important as you grow to allow that process to happen. Now, getting back to that chart here. We’re talking about shadows, we’re talking about the quantum world. quantum world is here, right? But it’s also there, in the sense that as this is the unified version of yourself, this is your core essence, this is your oneness. That’s where everything happens. And nothing happens at the same time. This is pure love, unconditional love. This is you, all that you are including all this, right? But not just that, either. This is oneness again. And this is a concept that may be a bit difficult to understand. Because the it’s not understood here. It is felt here, it is known here. Okay, so don’t try to get it from that standpoint, or this one or that one worse, but just be for it now. Okay, this is more of a presence than a understanding, hope you it makes sense for you. So from that space, comes the mind, as I mentioned to you earlier, the mind with its thoughts. So, let’s put it here, oops. And then we have the emotions, the emotions are, as we mentioned last time, that energy that is moving around, that has these colors, they are expressing as well the same kind of thing as these thoughts, although usually they are a bit more unconscious than the thoughts we are having, right. So these belief systems I was talking about earlier, are not only stored in these thoughts, where you see the eMERGE part of the iceberg, but also more importantly, in these emotions. And in the physical if these belief systems are super important. So any illness you have, through your physical body is an expression of an assault patterns, at the emotional level, how to present. Okay, so any virus, everything is unresolved here. So the physical is easier because we can touch it. So it’s, it seems easier to to understand and unravel. Now. The shadows we’re talking about in this experience is about is affecting all levels, I can find shadows or in other words, belief systems that are not any more serving us. At the physical, the emotional, or the mind level. And therefore, in our reality, what I mean here, again, is that whatever belief system is active, active, whatever shadow is active. Again, the shadow is a belief system that does not serve us anymore, that is starting to be in dissonance with the rest of the symphony that we are. So that shadow that is inhabiting us in our ecosystem. Now here is actually reflected here as well. Remember, reality serves as a feedback loop, it’s a reflection like in a mirror, okay. So the people that are in your reality are a reflection of you, every single person that you may see here is a reflection of you. So, not only can you identify with a belief system, that is, we have many, many, many, many, many belief systems, right? Many, many, many so on many subjects we may identify to the idea for instance, I’m a husband and this is my thing. I’m going to have provide an amazing education for my kids. Beautiful belief system, by the way. So it it can it can happen here, right? But it can also happen at this level, meaning that for instance, to take another example another BDC Stan, I’m here to support and blah of women, in general, whether I’m a female or males, and the same thing, let’s say we do that, right. So, I will find a woman, I will serve her, I will do whatever she wants. And I am so identified again, with that woman, whatever she represents not her specifically, but what she represents for me, at this level, that I will be totally focused on her, right. And it is by letting go of either identification, making more lose that feedback loop on that specific topic, that I can start re centering to myself. In other words, accepting myself for who I am, whatever are the flaws or advantage or qualities that I see into myself. So this is very important, what I mean here is that you want so you have again, as you can see different layers of identification, the whole goal here is to go back to the center. So this is less identification. So go back to the center, by letting go of the different layers of identification I’m having at all the different levels, so that I can start becoming myself, aka one. So don’t only letting go of this layer of all the other people that are important to me, and yes, they will continue to be important for you, but in a very different way. So we’re not leaving them out, we’re not abandoning them, we’re just shaping a new type of relationship from ourselves to ourselves to start with not necessarily with them right, this is a different topic. So, we let go of the identification with the other, we let go of the identification to the physical attributes I may or may not have, right, I may want to be taller or etc. We let go of the emotional blockages that are coloring our reality our day to day every moment. And we let go of the thoughts we’re having as well because they are not ours per se. They are happening Yes, but they are not ours. And by doing so, we start inviting a inexperience that enables us to be here. Now, an experience that is not tainted by a specific extrusion of ourselves towards something being with that person or that type of person being focused on again, fitness or whatever, and just accepting all that we are now and being inspired every moment on what needs to be done. But so, as you can see also here, within that less identification process, we have been evolving from a space of doing to a space of being which is very important to. So letting go of our shadows, is actually loving yourself more. It’s again, opening up to yourself, embracing yourself, accepting yourself as a being as a human, a beautiful being that is worth living with, which is yourself. Right? So love does not necessarily need to come from the other. Yes, I can also love the other. whether I’m here or there, it’s the same thing. But my existence doesn’t need to be a function of whomever is there. Nor does it need to be a function of whatever is my physical condition or my emotion. To condition etc. So the point I’m trying to make here is, these shadows of ours are beautiful, beautiful paintings. And it is up to us to choose whether we want to keep identify to them or start letting go of them and be more and more present to ourself. So that’s an another concept here is no, that’s the wrong color, you want the blue one presents. So the more presence you have in your life, the more beingness you are in, therefore, the less identification you’re having. And therefore, the more encompassing them the richer your experience, the more joyful, happy experience you’re having. And also at the same time, and therefore, reality starts to bring you more and more gifts. Because here, there is less encumbering, there are less blockages, we are not any more focused on these things, which may or may not still not may or may not still be there, right? It doesn’t matter anymore. It does not matter. Right? So, because I am here, and now, again, we’re not abandoning anyone, nor your physical vessel, nor your emotional vessel was just shifting things. And they are in your grasp. Now. To recap very quickly from doing to being less identification, we enable ourselves to be and choose more presence. Now, how’s it can I do that on a daily basis? Let’s have a real exercise. So let’s see what we can do. You remember last time I asked you to, every now and then every hour or so, to ask yourself the question, Who am I now? Right? So I want you to ask yourself the same click close to the same question. So now we’re gonna go to who has it? So we’re gonna simplify slightly it? Who am I? And we’re going to focus less on the answer itself with words and more on the feeling of it. So what does that mean to be me. And if you can, if you may, put in your journal, whatever comes up with it, try to describe that feeling as much as you can. If you can do that every hour, that will be amazing. Spend like five minutes writing with your hand by the way, not computer, if you don’t mind. That’s a lot better for you. It helps you to strengthen, enable that aspect of you to express itself through reality in the case, in this case through the pages. So who am I? What does that mean to be me? Not in a mental way. We’re not here. We’re not there either. As much as possible, we here. It’s not the ideal version of you either. It is in total integrity with yourself. expressing what it means to be me in this very moment. At this time, what does that mean? Okay, so again, put in a journal. If you want to share it on our group, please go ahead. And we’ll try to support you as much as we can and we can discuss said in the q&a, thank you so much again, too. Happy to see you again. And I’m looking forward to help you find your greatness with it. Bye for now. Hi, Shadow Warriors, I’m so happy to see you again this week. So today we’re going to go you remember last time, right? We talked about shadows and how to be more present to ourselves. So today, we’re getting into the next step, which is, I am that, that. So, in other words, we’re getting now into this aspect of ourselves, right. But for that to happen, there’s another key we haven’t talked about yet, because we don’t have time, which is very important for you to identify first, before this can really become a reality for you. The whole idea here is again, to be more and more present to ourselves. And what we have done through our lives is to disperse ourselves everywhere, whether it is with the identification to the other people, for instance, or the incidents in our lives, etc. And, or looking into this. This is the way we are considering our lives, from birth to death of this physical vessel, we consider this is i are no has this lifespan. And I am somewhere in, in this case, in my case in the middle of this line, right. And therefore I have a past I have a future. And that’s the way I consider life to be. In other words, I have one direction, which is that this vessel at some point will die will disappear. There is an eternal question of whether the soul remains or not, etc. Sure, let’s set that aside for a moment. And the collection of moments that are making this line are whether in a past tense or a future tense. That’s the way we’re considering the world. Now, this could not be further from the truth. Funny enough. So again, the way the Western world see, life is whether I am made of past or future. And, and that’s it, basically, I am looking at having me meet my expectations towards the fulfillment of something in the future. Something or some things like I’m going to have kids, I’m going to make a million dollars and whatever other stories, they’re all there of my future accomplishments, right, which helps, by the way, to create that I have a sense of identity we were talking about last week. And the same happens with a past AMR No, I was born this place. I had two siblings, I had two parents, and that and that and that happened in my life. And I was crewed by this guy, etc, etc. So I had a wife or two kids, etc. So these are, again, stories that are populating my sense of self. And therefore my identity, my identification, right? So what we’re saying just now is that in other words, where we go i That guy here is made of past or future and nothing else. So in other words, the stories I have in the past, the stories I have for the future, those fuels In the belief systems they have now and yes, yes they are fueling these belief systems for them to create this moment. Now, the trouble with that is as you can see is that again we have there another layer of identification, if you remember, here, we had several layers of identification, and we have the same mechanism happening here, but from a very different angle. So, in other words, and these are happening not only at the mental level and also at the emotional level, and therefore, the physical level by the way. So, what that means is that, if I, if I had a trauma in my in my childhood, for instance, a big problem with my father, therefore, I have a series of belief systems related to that, for instance, I do not like authority or whatever, therefore, there is a very likely high likelihood that at the physical level I will be experiencing now, sorry, yes, because that’s the relationship from that illness to, to the past trauma. And also, I will have, as I mentioned, the belief systems that I cannot stand having an authority figure, I have to be independent, I love freedom, bla, bla bla, and therefore, they will also condition the stories that I have in my future. So, as you can see, you are basically on autopilot. And everything, most of your energy is focused here. Some of your energies focus there, all of it is focused here. But there’s nothing in the middle. Absolutely nothing in the middle. What I mean by that is, let’s, again, look at that same arrow. Well, you know what, let’s use that same arrow. And there is something missing on that arrow. Hi, Alicia side that, basically here, we’re missing now so we’re missing now how could we be missing now? Now is now it’s the moment of now, as you remember earlier, I was saying that this arrow on its own, its perception of past and future was totally further from the truth. And it is because if I look at it from a scientific standpoint, if I look at it from your Vedic yoga standpoints, so you know, millennial sciences, there’s nothing else that now the rest is a structure, it’s a construct that we are using for different purposes, okay. So, this now, right now, hey, is conditioning is conditioned by whatever stories I have in the past in the future, the belief systems I have that are putting me out of in my misery out of this Now moment, as you can see, there is a distance from one to the other. In other words, I am not here. I am there I am there I am there, right, the same way that other charts are from last week. I am here they’re there. I’m there. I’m there. I’m not here. So, what we want to do is to really start becoming more and more aware of this Now moment. So this Now moment means where I start to let go of my stories in the past, start to let go of the stories in my future. Starting to To express this moment through simplicity through accept that I may be able to manifest with ease where everything happens on its own as you know on pace accepting acceptance so, by letting go of these shadows, stories, but yes also shadows because they are an illusion, they are really, really, really an illusion and so by letting go of histories and shadows, meaning by accepting that they may be in existence, choosing that I do not need them anymore, I do not need to abide by them, I knew the need to be conscious of them anymore, that will not define me anymore. On the contrary, it will, by letting go of them, I am freeing myself from them. And therefore, I start collecting more and more energy in this Now moment. So, and we’re missing a word here, which is presence so I could put it like a peace, presence is accepted simplicity, the peace method method, if you guys want to take note of that one, very important. So this is where your heart lives. And as an anecdote, you know, you I’m sure you’ve been in love. And I’m not sure if you have noticed that being in love only happens in one moment, meaning that it’s not in the past is not in the future. It is now there is enough, it cannot happen anywhere else. So that’s where your heart is. So the more you are in your future, the more you’re in your past, the less you are able to love yourself and the others. The more you insist on abiding to this or that shadow, the less you are now. And it doesn’t feel natural to be here now. Why? Because there is no struggle. This is the world of struggle. This is the world of hustling. So all this we have a kind of an addiction to this type of behavior this is the world of difficulty. Do we still want that in our lives? Can we imagine a world where things start to be more simple? Easy, where I accept things, things presences, etc. Where I’m more present. By this week, you should have already more presence. Now, are we ready to be more into acceptance and access simplicity as part of our experience? Do you still want to abide by this type of behavior to you? Every good every choice is good. But it’s really up to you. You are the only one that can take that decision as well. Right? So the bottom line is It is your divine choice if you want to become more and more present to your now moment and therefore, let go have your stories and shadows of your belief systems of these ideas of struggle hustled difficulty. The fun part is where we’re talking about these things. We all consider that this is important because therefore, there is value well, sure, yes. However, the value is there I do not need to have this type of behavior of struggling of hustling of having difficulty to have an actual value, I can exist by my own, I don’t need to prove anything. And that sounds very bizarre how interesting it is right. So, if there is something that you can take from this session is trusting me, when I tell you that you are worth being in the Now moment you are worth having a life of simplicity, where everything is easy, where you accept everything, when where you are more present, it is possible it is within your grasp again. Now, it is your choice definitely. But please hear me when I say that you have you have that value you can exist now. So, why not doing it now right? Why not applying it now. If you remember the charts, the chart that we were doing at the very beginning, we have the eye here and then the different layers by combining both together by becoming more and more aware of that now moment not only do I reinforce this here, this i this a this heart of ours, but also what starts to happen is that this becomes us as well. So, in other words, I am not any more separate from the rest. So, instead of believing that or not believing actually feeling that there is that entity here and I am here there and therefore these are two separate things are individuals and therefore we are separated and segregated. And therefore we are different, etc, etc. So, instead of leaving through that lens, all of a sudden all this becomes one meaning that the eye as if you remember in the first session, we talked about the change of definition of the notion of AI. Well, this is what’s happening here. So AI becomes not just the mind not just the emotion, not just the physical or the combination of the three, but it becomes the whole reality of you. In other words well, if let How do I put it this one, while the reality around you is doing this movement for instance. Your eye is following exactly the same flow. It is in tune With with the flow of reality, and vice versa and reality is in tune with your own reality. So, instead of being totally x centered or segregated from the flow, I am part of the river, I am following the flow of the river. And that’s the state in which you find peace and joy, happiness. Not because you are in that flow, but just because it is just all that is an expression of you, everything becomes more simple and easy. And you find gratefulness and happiness and joy and peace in being you. So that’s what I invite you to, if you choose to, to choose that moment of presence, to find that simplicity within you. That happens through acceptance. And therefore, ease comes together on its own. And you can have a life that is easy. Yes, it is possible, you can drop these ideas they don’t not necessary anymore. But of course, as long as you insist on these shadows, these belief systems, then, you know, be my guess, continue, they’re not a problem at all. But this is your destination, whether you like it or not, whether it’s in in this lifetime, or the next one. It’s okay you will get there. I will put another The question is when and The when is depending on you. So I have to you now, I will exercise. Okay, so what are we going to do as an exercise? I guess this exercise today is going to be the same question. I apologize doesn’t seem to be very original. However, it is the most important question you can ever, ever ask in your life. At every moment in your life. So this is why it is important that we come to it again and again and again. And all that here, we have gone through the last three sessions, our core concepts that I invite you to go through in the next experiences, or maybe through my own courses, because this is really the tip of the iceberg where we’re talking about here. Anyway. So exercise who am I? Again, same question, same time, or period of time. The question here is about who am I? So now that we have looked in the first session about who am I now, second session, who am I as a presence? This one is going to be a bit more free in the sense that now that you have these perspectives that we’re we’re talking of what we were talking about last weeks what it is now you have a better understanding a better leads, you have a richer expression of yourself. So ask yourself question, Who am I? Every hour if you can put it in your journal? Answer it whatever is the answer, whether it’s through words and understanding whether it is through description of a feeling. I believe that you will find a space that is more present than the other two combined the other two expressions of yourself last weeks. And you will be very interesting also, once you’ve written it, to look at what you wrote two weeks before at the same time, that same day and when we Before at the same time, the same day and look at the progression without judgment, actually, not judgment, but more marveling to the beauty that is you and you may want to cheer them if you want with a group, but the bottom line is, you also see that this is an ever changing definition, who am I might be in this very moment to be a teacher and to be in the joy of teaching in the next two moments, it may be I don’t know stress because I need to go to the bathroom or something else. So, rejoice to that diversity to that simplicity as well of being you and accepting the ease of you being you the ease of your presence, it is so amazing to be you. So, you may found you may find sorry, in your journey, you may find gratitude of being you. You may find joy of being you. You may find serenity view and you may feel peace, of being back home to you. So, with this, I invite you, you are already on the most amazing journey towards yourself. I invite you to embrace it further deeper, to open up to it and have the moment of integrity of clarity to say yes, I am choosing that. And I’m choosing these words as becoming bigger and bigger part of my experience. And I will leave you with another exercise if you want to that I invite you to practice every single day of your life when you wake up. List 10 or even 100 If you wish to 10 different reasons why you’re grateful now could be your toe, it could be the birth could be anything could be something that happened or something that is going to happen anything and go and listed 1040 100 Whichever, do the same thing every day. Not only write it but feel it and again with your hands. And that’s going to be transformative as well. Okay. Anyway, so I’m very happy to have had these three sessions with you. And I am really looking forward to helping you find your greatness within and more importantly, I’m looking forward to seeing your greatness within and bye for now.

Harmony for Everyone

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Arnaud Saint-Paul
Arnaud Saint-Paul